Friday, October 29

AltRider Gear for BMW R1200GS Installation

Today we have two videos that feature AltRider technicians demonstrating how to install AltRider protective gear onto a BMW R1200GS. The first video is the installation of the Potentiometer Guard and the second video is the installation of the Crash Bars. Sometimes an instruction manual on its own can be tricky so these videos serve to really simplify the installation process.

First is the Potentiometer Guard installation. The Potentiometer on a GS measures resistance based on the location of the throttle opening. If damaged, it can not send resistance measurements to the bike's computer and without this information, the computer will not allow the bike to start. It is an extremely delicate piece which truly necessitates this guard. The installation is relatively simple as you will see demonstrated in the video below.

Next is the demonstration of installing Crash Bars on a R1200GS. The BMW motor is extremely wide and needs to be protected from damage in the event of a crash. AltRider crash bars are 1-inch stainless steel with a shot peen satin finish, which protects them from rust meaning that they're durable for multiple spills. They are designed and assembled in the US, and TIG hand-welded for added strength. These crash bars protect the cylinders and the engine casing, deflecting all impact that strongest areas of the frame. While most other crash bars utilize tabs or flanges, AltRider crash bars actually mount to the bike's frame utilizing existing hardware native to the bike. Check out the full detailed demonstration below.

AltRider builds high-quality American-made ADV bike protection. Check out RevZilla's BMW R1200GS with the full gamut of AltRider protective gear in the video below.


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