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Arai RX-Q Helmet Cheek Pad Custom Fit

Continued innovation, technological advancements and high attention to detail and performance has kept Arai Helmets at the absolute top of the mountain in the motorcycle helmet world for as long as anyone can remember. Their newest metamorphosis in helmet design is their brand new custom-fit cheek pads in the Arai RX-Q Helmet.

First and foremost, the Arai RX-Q Cheek Pads are sculpted in a way that cradles the head from underneath rather than the traditional pushing-against-the-cheek for snug fit. You can throw out everything you know of a traditional helmet's pressure fit as Arai has created cheek pads with greater surface area that make for a comfortable, cradled fit.

Arai RX-Q Cheek Pads
The most significant innovation here is the adjustability of the cheek pads themselves. Each set of Arai RX-Q cheek pads comes with a 5mm-thick layer of foam that can be removed. If you find that the helmet is too snug for you, this removable foam can be taken out to give you the proper fit. This provides a great deal of flexibility for fit and also helps you to avoid having to buy a new set of cheek pads.

Finally, all Arai RX-Q Cheek Pads come equipped with Arai's game-changing safety innovation, the Emergency Cheekpad Release System. They invented this system, which features pull tabs that allow the cheek pads to be quickly removed by EMTs for easy helmet removal in the event of unconsciousness resulting from a crash, and it has now been copied by other manufacturers.

Arai continues to dazzle with their helmet designs, from a performance and safety standpoint, and the Arai RX-Q is no stray, offering some of the finest long-distance functionality we've seen from a helmet.

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