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Gerbing's Heated Glove Buying Guide

With an array of options to keep your hands nice and toasty on winter rides, Gerbing's Heated Gloves are made for any application. From the Gerbing's Heated Glove Liner,  to be worn under your winter glove, through the protection of the long-distance touring Gerbing's T5 Heated Gloves, all riders from commuters to long distance tourers are covered. Featuring the proprietary Gerbing's Microwire, which was developed in response to a contract with the US Military that required much faster heating times, the gloves heat extremely quick and keep you warm and comfortable during cold weather rides. Cold hands can ruin a ride for a multitude of reasons, including limited feel for controls, which makes riding extremely dangerous.

Check out our Gerbing's Heated Glove Buying Guide below and don't miss the detailed write up of each glove following the video.

First is the Gerbing's Heated Glove Liner, constructed from Stretch Cordura for an optimal snug fit and designed to be worn under a pair of winter motorcycle gloves. The outer palm is constructed with Amara, a synthetic suede material that will grip to the inside of the glove, while the Microfiber heating elements on the back of the hand is protected from abrasion by Nylon inserts. If you're unfamiliar with Gerbing's, Microwire is tiny stainless steel filaments that heat up extremely fast (within four seconds), used by Gerbing's thanks to a requirement of the Department of Defense. The wrist closes with a soft Neoprene fastener and the glove is lined with Brushed Tricot for added warmth. The palm of the gloves is not heated so that they can work in conjunction with heated grips.

Moving up the line, we get to the Gerbing's Nubuck Heated Gloves. Utilizing the same Microwire heating technology, the Nubck gloves are made from buffed leather which gives them a soft-as-velvet feel on the hands. The interior features a protective waterproof breathable membrane to keep your hands dry in the event of precipitation. There is a velcro wrist adjuster and a large gauntlet to help keep the heat inside the gloves. The Microwire exists throughout the back of the hand and down the fingers and thumb to keep your hands warm, while the palm remains heat-free so the gloves can work on a bike with heated grips. With limited protection in these gloves, consider them an excellent option for short-term cold weather riding or as a passenger glove.

Getting into the long-distance touring glove options, the Gerbing's G3 Heated Gloves are built from drum-dyed premium leather that is extremely supple and pliable and molds to the hand. Microwire heats each of the fingers and thumb in addition to the back of the hand. For complete protection from the elements, the G3 Gloves a fully waterproof and breathable Aquatex liner. Gerbing's suggests that you treat the leather of the gloves with Nikwax to further aid in waterproofing. Inside the glove is Thinsulate insulation with a soft and comfortable brushed tricot liner. These gloves feature a full gauntlet that is neoprene-lined and has a cinch to assist in blocking wind. Rounding out the feature set is the gel-padded reinforcements on the palm for resistance to abrasion and wear.

The granddaddy of the line are the Gerbing's T5 Heated Gloves. With an exterior constructed of a mixture of supple leather and textile for durability and safety, the T5 Gloves offer the best chance to stay warm, dry and protected in cold weather riding. The Thermolite insulation provides optimal warmth while the Hipora waterproof breathable membrane ensures a completely dry and comfortable ride. For protection, the T5 Gloves have gel padding in in the finger knuckles and in the palm. The palm also features non-slip grip paneling. The fingers are pre-curved for an articulated fit and the stretch paneling across the back of the hand provides ease of motion. The extra-long gauntlet is neoprene-lined with a velcro adjuster and a cinch to keep heat in and cold wind out. These are the
choice for the long distance winter rider.

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Keep your hands warm and stay safe on those winter rides!


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