Tuesday, December 21

Bell Revolver Helmet: Bell Secret 2011 Helmet #1

Bell Revolver Helmet - Rally Black
We've recently caught wind that there are a few new Bell Helmets slated for release in early 2011 that we think are going to make an enormous splash in the industry. While we don't have many details right now, we've got a few notes to share that we think already make these helmets game-changers. We'll be releasing

The first of the new guys is going to be called the Bell Revolver Helmet. From what we understand, it is going to be a sport-focused modular helmet built for performance on the street. Modular helmets are generally designed for the sport and adventure touring markets and even for commuters, so to catch wind that the Bell Revolver Helmet is going to be a modular designed for sport and
Bell Revolver Helmet - Solid
street performance is a pretty big deal. There's also some buzz that it's going to come in at an extremely reasonable price point which is another huge plus.

More news as it comes, stay tuned for tomorrow's installment of Bell's Secret 2011 Helmets...

Update: Two colorways are available: the Bell Revolver Helmet - Solid and the Bell Revolver Helmet - Rally Black.

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