Tuesday, December 14

Dainese Pro Carbon Gloves: New Race Gauntlet

A brand new race gauntlet has arrived from Dainese at the mid-range price point built for the occasional racer and track day enthusiast. The Dainese Pro Carbon Gloves have an excellent feature set that will offer a high-level of performance for the rider that doesn't need the extreme bulked-up attributes of a $350 glove built for the pros. In short, this is for the weekend warrior, the guy who loves to hit the tarmac in the summer, but isn't looking for a spot in the AMA in the near future.

Check out our Dainese Pro Carbon Glove Review:

At its core, the Pro Carbon is a complete premium cowhide leather construction with strategic perforation to get air through to your hands in aggressive riding conditions. The knuckle armor is composited: hard stainless steel parts atop a reinforced carbon fiber edge. Finger knuckles are protected from a combination of carbon fiber and temperfoam. All of these armor pieces are supported by elasticated inserts across the backhand and finger knuckles that allow the armor to remain in place when working the controls. The outside of the little pinky is reinforced with TPU hard parts and double reinforced cowhide that wraps up the entire side of the hand and pinky. One of the most common injuries in a get-off is to the little finger, so having a
maximum level of protection can help to prevent this.

The palm of the glove has multiple zones of reinforcement as well. At the crook of the hand there is Clarino synthetic leather which will significantly help to reduce wear, and the Stone PU at the mid-palm performs the same duty. At the heel of the hand there is double leather reinforcement and temperfoam padding for vibration dampening. The backhand also features a temperfoam pad for protection that is perforated to flow air. There is also strategic perf between the fingers, which is always the best way to get air into a glove, and perf on the cuff flow to more air. The Pro Carbon Gloves also feature a velcro wrist adjuster with a single velcro cuff closure. Finally, the gloves feature race-style pre-curving to add to the overall ergonomics and provide long-term comfort.

Again, if you're a trackday enthusiast not looking to hit the pro circuit soon, the Dainese Pro Carbon Gloves could be a good fit for you. While they don't have the level of protection of what Rossi and Lorenzo are wearing, they're a good selection for the weekend warrior.

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