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Shark Evoline 2 ST Helmet Review

Shark Evoline 2 ST Wayer Helmet
After it came out and revolutionized the modular helmet industry a few years back, the Shark Evoline has continued to improve and evolve with each new iteration. Now on its third version, the Shark Evoline 2 ST Helmet is the pinnacle of modular helmets built for versatility. The Evoline's claim to fame lies in being the first flip-up helmet that could be ridden in as full-face or true open face with the simple click of a button. And we're not talking about doing 20mph on residential streets; you can comfortably ride at highway speeds with the Evoline 2 ST in open-face configuration. As I said, improvements have been made since the first version, and they'll be detailed after the video.

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Shark Evoline 2 ST Moovit Helmet
The Shark Evoline 2 ST Helmet is built from injected thermoplastic resin with a shock-absorbing differentiated-density EPS liner system. The external visor is anti-scratch and demisting, constructed from high density material for maximum safety. Internally, the top-gun style sun visor is retractable via a slider at the crown of the helmet, easily operated with a glove on. This sun visor over itself has been lengthened over previous iterations to address issues with it not extending down enough. The chin bar itself operates using a stainless steel mechanism that is extremely strong and allows this helmet to be both DOT & ECE 22.05 certified. The interior of the Evoline 2 ST is Meryl, which is moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, easily adjustable, removable and washable.

Shark Helmets Evoline 2 ST E-Tec Lumi Helmet
The big upgrade here is the integration of cutouts into the EPS and liner for the battery and speakers for the Sharktooth Bluetooth communication system. It also allows enough room in the chin area for the microphone as well. Over the course of multiple evolutions, the face shield has been upgraded for better sealing against wind and water, the scratch resistance is improved, and the ratcheting system now features nine detents rather than being basic open and close. The neck and side covers are each 1cm wider to reduce wind noise and protect from the elements. This helmet has been a big hit amongst touring riders and the cruiser crowd and it's pretty easy to see why. The upgrades in the newest version should only further its popularity.

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Shark Evoline Helmet Review
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