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Dainese Torque Pro Out Boots Review

One of the bestselling motorcycle race boots at RevZilla.com, the Dainese Torque Pro Out Boots feature all the classic Italian style that goes into Dainese products plus all the race-level protective elements necessary for aggressive trackday riding and racing. Also available as the Dainese Torque Pro Out Air Boots, a fully perforated version built for extreme hot weather days on the tarmac. These boots do a lot of things extremely well, including advanced protection and ergonomic comfort for the best interfacing with your bike.

Check out our Dainese Torque Pro Out Boots Review:

The Torque Pro Outs are a full Lorica upper construction. They utilize D-Stone fabric in both the inner at outer leg near the opening of the boot. D-Stone, a fabric proprietary to Dainese, is a high-tensile strength nylon extremely resistant to abrasion and backed by elastic for protection and comfort. The jointed D-Axial anti-twist-back ankle protection system is a major element of the safety in these boots. Constructed of thermoplastic polyurethane, the D-Axial system allows a full range of front and back flexibility but extremely limits side-to-side movement to prevent any injury to the ankle. The same TPU that forms this system wraps up to provide shin protection and also forms a cockpit around the ankle. There is also reinforced protection in the boot behind the external plate.

Stainless steel sliders exist on the outer ankle and back of the heel in addition to a stainless steel toe slider that is fully replaceable. The toe box is internally reinforced with TPU and externally features a shifter interface panel that is textured and double stitched. The ankle cockpit is fully reinforced internally with a nylon ankle guard. At the inside of each of the ankles is a rubberized TPU panel that provides high grip for interfacing with the bike. The liner system of the Torque Pro Out Boots is double jersey mesh airgap material. This fabric is very similar to 3D mesh in that it creates a microclimate within the boot while allowing your foot to breathe and sweat and hot air to escape from the skin. Finally, the sole features differentiated densities for non-slip and high-grip with a strong nylon shank for impact protection.

These boots wouldn't be a bestseller if they weren't a highly technical piece of performance race apparel. Dainese's attention to detail and design cannot be overlooked and these boots represent an upper-echelon of what they've done. The only boots more technical than these in the Dainese Motorcycle Boots lineup are the Dainese Axial Pro In Boots worn by Valentino Rossi.


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