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Sidi ST & ST Air Boots Review

Constantly innovating, improving, and bringing new technologies to the Motorcycle Boots market, Sidi Boots remains a leader in the industry. For early 2011, Sidi is bringing two new boots into their racing lineup: the Sidi Cobra Boots, which we have previously reviewed, and the subject of today's write-up, the Sidi ST Boots and Sidi ST Air Boots. Landing between the Sidi Vertigo Boots and Sidi Vortice Boots in the Sidi food chain of race functionality, the STs are a great choice for the serious trackday enthusiast and racer who doesn't need the crazy pro-level feature set of the Vortice Boots.

Check out our Sidi ST and ST Air Boots Review below:

To start, let me differentiate between the ST Boots and the ST Air Boots. Each of these styles has a three-position closable vent at the outer foot level. However, while the Sidi ST Boots are a fully non-perforated Lorica synthetic leather construction, the ST Air Boots take that construction and load it with perforation, designed with serious airflow in mind. Other than that difference, the ST and ST Air Boots are the exact same construction. The big innovation with these boots is the Cam-lock buckle system, a feature frequently seen in the off-road and dirt world thanks to the durability of the system that is gradually making its way into adventure and race motorcycle boots. The ST is the first race boot that we've seen with this feature, and with its double cam-lock setup,
Sidi ST Boots
it makes getting in and out of the boots extremely easy as demonstrated in the video above. The system is rounded out with a velcro-and-zip closure for a super simplified on/off process.

These are race boots, so of course they'll have to feature a high degree of protective elements, which the ST Boots deliver in spades. Sidi's patented Vertebra system provides complete protection around the Achilles tendon and back of calf, with further support added by a shock absorbing heel cup. This heel cup is a shock absorbing insert encased within a polyurethane shell for maximum protection from impact. Along the medial and lateral ankle through leg is the Sidi Ankle Support brace system.
Sidi ST Air Boots
Two fiberglass-reinforced nylon braces run down each side of the leg and tie into the ankle joint system, providing protection, allowing flexibility from front to back, but restricting side to side movement to prevent injury. The toe slider is aerodynamic and nylon in construction, but also swappable to one with either ceramic or aluminum inserts. Sitting atop the toe box is a DuPont polymer toe shift pad for grip and durability. There is a nylon shin plate inserted into a PU support base to fully protect the front of the leg. Lastly, the sole of the boot is a high-grip non-slip rubber outsole with a nylon inner sole and removable arch support.

ST Boots Fully Open 
The best thing about all the external protective elements? All of them can be replaced, which is a huge deal for the racer / trackday rider who is going to put serious wear on these boots but wants them to last. Moving inside the boots, the liner is Air Teflon Mesh, which is treated with Teflon Fabric Protector, to guard from water, staining, and microbes/bacteria. The teflon surrounds every fiber of the mesh, keeping the boots highly breathable, and ultimately keeping the rider's foot more comfortable, cool and dry in all weather conditions. Lastly, elasticated material around the entrance/calf of the boot provides for a better fitment across a larger range of calf sizes.

DuPont Polymer Shift Pad on ST Air
Add all of these pieces together and you've got a serious race-level boot from Sidi, another one in a string of excellent products. It fits neatly between the Vortice and Vertigo in features and functionality, and should appeal to many a trackday rider.

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