Sunday, May 30

RevZillians at the Ace Cafe in London England!

RevZilla's global reach and quest for world domination continues! Now RevZilla has made its presence known at the iconic Ace Cafe in London, England. The Ace was made famous in the 1960's as a serious biker hangout in the midst of the Rockers vs Mods tensions of the time. In recent years has been revived and become the definitive ride-out destination/cafe for the entire 2 wheel enthusiast crowd in England. Special events are scheduled for virtually every weekend and many weeknights too - from bike clubs to car clubs and rock-n-roll reunions. The Ace also offers typical cafe food and is a fully functioning pub as well! Sweet! Check it all out at We visited the Ace on a Friday night and were entertained by hundreds of bikes and enthusiasts - on this night some had come from as far away as Poland and Germany. You never know what extraordinary bikes you'll see or people you'll meet. Had a pint (or 2) and took in the ad lib stunting show taking place on the public street directly out front! This place totally rocks after dark! For RevZillians everywhere, if you are ever in England with time to spare be sure to make the Ace one of your "must sees." The Ace rocks!

Thursday, May 27

Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boots: Brand New ADV Touring Boots

New for 2010, the Alpinestars Scout Waterproof Boots. We got it, we reviewed it, we like it. Check out the detailed video.

This boot stacks up really well against any of the best-of-class Adventure Touring boots from other top brands like Sidi and REV'IT!. Featuring a fully leather coated PU outer construction with a 100% waterproof performance membrane, what really impresses about this boot is the innovative double-injected TPU protection in the ankle cockpit Alpinestars utilizes. Basically, the hardness and thickness of the TPU is variable to allow protection and flexibility in one streamlined piece of material resulting in superior safety and comfort. We dig `em.

If you want to weigh these against the other options out there, check out our selection of waterproof motorcycle boots at

Two Wheels Down,

Wednesday, May 26

Teknic Xcelerator Gloves - New for 2010 Gauntlets

Check out our video review of the brand new Teknic Xcelerator Gloves at We are impressed.
Coming in at $161.99 (10% off MSRP at RevZilla), the Xcelerator packs in some serious features unseen in a glove at its price, including PU Airblade knuckle protection, a Kangaroo palm with step seams, and Knox Scaphoid protection. We think it's a great value for a full gauntlet to get you through race season or simply aggressive street riding. Bang for the buck, style and protection. If you want to do some compare and contrast on gauntlets, you can check out our section on motorcycle racing gloves as well.

+2 points Teknic.

Two Wheels Down,

Tuesday, May 25

This post is late.... But May is Cinco de Moto!

Check out the Cinco de Moto deals and savings for the month of May over at

KBC VR-2 Helmets - up to 73% off as low as $79.99
Speed & Strength Mesh Jackets - up to 29% off as low as $139.99
Shark Evoline Series 1 Modular Helmets - up to 29% off as low as $279.99
Teknic Xcelerator Gloves - 10% off MSRP - $161.99
Vemar Eclipse Carbon Fiber Helmet - 56% off - $329.99

When the stock is gone on these, it's gone for good.
Get `em while they're hot.

Also, watch our ridiculous video that accompanies it.

Two Wheels Down,

Friday, May 21

New Video: RevZilla Core Value #62: Armor Piercing Customer Service

We talk about "raising the bar" a lot.

Since we started RevZilla, I can happily say that most, if not all, of our policies have continued to get better and improve as we have learned what facets of RevZilla's shopping experience mean the most to our customers.

For instance until Jan. 1 2010, to help offset the monster cost of returns, free shipping, credit card processing fees, return processing fees etc. etc. we used to have a flat 10% restocking fee on any order which came back for a full credit card refund. We hated having to do it, but being a smaller / growing company in a down economy we had to be very careful about getting crushed by the expense of returns and exchanges. Even with a restock, we still took a bath.

I am happy to say that we eliminated that restock fee as of the first of this year and now offer a store credit to be applied to a future purchase. We have gotten nothing but great feedback from our customers who realize that we are looking out for them and trying to be as fair as possible. We are also constantly trying to improve. It makes us feel great when people recognize the effort. I guess I am saying "thank you".

Recently we went shooting at an FBI range on the East Coast. It was one of the cooler things we have been invited to since we started RevZilla.

While I was blowing things up that day I couldn't help but think that in some way it had presented itself to me as a metaphor for our current customer service approach. Kind of our approach to  most things, actually. :-)

Be awesome. Be fast. No Hassles. Blow sh*t up. Watch this video. Amen.


Thursday, May 20

2010 Summer Motorcycle Gear Video Guides Parts 4 through 7

We got some great feedback on our 2010 Summer Motorcycle Gear Guides, parts 1 through 3, so staying in line with our "more is more" mantra - behold parts 4-7.

We shot these in a similar manner but wanted to cover more ground and spread out into some more ride / style specific areas.

You can find the whole collection of 2010 Summer Motorcycle Gear Guides and the gear features in them in on

Summer Motorcycle Gear Guide 4: Basic Protection

This video focuses on our picks for Basic Protection that will perform well in hot weather conditions as well as take you through some parts of Spring & Fall. This gear will perform great in the hottest of hot weather, but removable liners stretch these outfits closer to three seasons. This gear is a step above entry-level and will keep you cool and protected during summertime riding. In this video you can see high level breakdowns of the following gear:

Alpinestars T-Stunt Air Flo Jacket & AST-1 Pants

Firstgear Rush Mesh Jacket & HT Air 2.0 Overpants

Tour Master Flex Series 2 Jacket & Venture Air Pants

Summer Motorcycle Gear Guide 5: Sport Riding

This video focuses on our picks for Sport-Focused Riding that will perform well in hot weather conditions as well as take you through some parts of Spring & Fall. This gear will perform great in the hottest of hot weather under spirited riding conditions, flowing tons of air. Think Gixxer, think R1, think aggressive urban sportbike riding. In this video you can see high level breakdown of the following gear:

Icon Hooligan 2 Mesh Jacket & Arc Mesh Pants

Alpinestars T-RC 1 Air Flo Jacket & AST-1 Pants

Dainese Air 2 Jacket & REV'IT! Rotor Pants

Summer Motorcycle Gear Guide 6: Multi-Season Touring

This video focuses on our picks for Multi-Season Touring that will perform well in hot weather conditions as well as throughout multiple other seasons and inclement weather. The key difference between this guide and the part 7 video : Multi Season Adventure is the ruggedness, technolgies and style of the gear. The Adventure Gear (ADV) will have more beefed up technologies and armor as well as a styling and configuration more in line with dual-sporting and adventure touring. In this video you can see high level breakdowns of the following gear:

REV'IT! Sand Jacket & REV'IT! Sand Pants

Olympia Airglide 3 Jacket & Olympia Airglide 3 Pants

Olympia AST Jacket

Summer Motorcycle Gear Guide 7: Multi-Season Adventure Touring

This video focuses on our picks for Multi-Season Adventure Riding that will perform well in hot weather conditions as well as throughout multiple other seasons. The key difference between this guide and the part 6 video : Multi Season Adventure gear is the most rugged, protection-wise, of all the gear featured in this series. The Adventure Gear (ADV) will have more beefed up technologies and armor as well as a styling and configuration more in line with adventure touring and all-weather riding. In this video you can see high level breakdowns of the following gear:

REV'IT! Cayenne Pro Jacket & REV'IT! Cayenne Pro Pants

Olympia X-Moto Jacket & Olympia X-Moto Pants

Firstgear TPG Rainier Jacket & HT Air 2.0 Overpants

Yup. There is a lot here. But we hope it helps you narrow your search for gear with regard to the different types of riding or style you are looking for.

To reiterate, to see everything please visit our 2010 Summer Motorcycle Gear Guide Page on If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out. We are always here to answer questions and help.

Two Wheels Down,


Monday, May 10

About that Hodaka in our store !

Take a stroll around the RevZilla Anchor Store in Philly and, aside from the incredible variety of riding gear, something you will immediately notice is the motorcycles. Right now there is one very special bike on display that deserves a bit of an explanation. That bike is a showroom condition 1977 Hodaka Wombat with 53 (no misprint – fifty three!) miles on the odometer. You say you never heard of Hodaka? Then read on.

Back in the 50s and early 60s there were no sportbikes. No cruisers. No dual sports or adventure tourers. There were just motorcycles. Sure there were large, heavy jobs like Harleys and Indians. Likewise there were smaller, more nimble numbers including many of the European classics – Triumph, BSA, and Ducati. But it was nothing like today's diverse market. Then in the mid sixties an amazing transition began. The motorcycle market started it’s fragmentation into the multiple segments we know today. One niche that literally exploded at the time was “trail bikes.” The trail bike craze was led by Asian manufacturers but not the just the usual suspects.

A small group of on and off road riding enthusiasts working inside the Pacific Basin Trading Company (PABATCO) in tiny Athena, Oregon worked up a design for one of the earliest true dual sport bikes. After sorting out the contractual details with the Hodaka Engine Company of Japan they came to the US market in 1964 with the first Hodaka Motorcycles. Hodakas came with all the lights and horns and gear necessary for road riding but, with all that stuff stripped off they were ready to go out and win at trials, motocross, and scrambles. In a world where the first “trail bike” offerings from the Japanese “big four” had pressed steel frames the Hodakas featured rugged tubular steel frames with plenty of suspension travel. At the time this was truly breakthrough stuff and Hodakas were arguably the predecessors of the dual sport bikes we know and love today. From 1964 until the late 70s Hodaka produced a selection two stroke motorcycles in displacements from 90cc to 250cc. They were distributed in the US only and all remained narrowly focused on the on/off road marketplace. During their approximately 15 years of glory Hodakas were they ridden daily by enthusiasts but they were successfully raced in trials, motocross, and major international events such as the International Six Day Trials. Sadly, in the late 70s the financial might of the Japanese big four as well as changing international economics drove the tiny manufacturer from the marketplace, never to return. But for motorcyclists “of a certain age” there will always be the fond remembrance of the spunky little manufacturer and its bikes with the quirky names.

Want to learn more about Hodakas? Check out or better yet, for RevZillians in the Pacific Northwest, ride out to the Annual Hodaka Days celebration in Athena Oregon on June 24-27, 2010. RevZillians based East of the Mississippi might want to think about visiting AMA’s Vintage Motorcycle Days at the Mid Ohio Race Course in Lexington, Ohio on July 9-11, 2010. Both events are great riding destinations! Why are we telling you all this? At RevZilla we love all segments but are seriously into the dual sport and adventure touring thing. And we have a deep regard for the history of motorcycling. Better yet, we currently have this very cool old bike in our showroom. Come on by and take a look!
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