Wednesday, January 12

Icon Variant Salvo & Salvo Hi-Viz Helmet: Brand New 2011 Lids

With motorcyclists becoming more and more cognizant of their safety on the roadway, manufacturers have been responding with gear that enhances safety, both with protective elements and with visibility. Icon Motosports has joined the ranks of its peers who are also making hi-viz gear. In Fall 2010, we saw the release of the Icon Alliance Hi-Viz Helmet, their first high visibility helmet. In Spring 2011, Icon will be taking these safety features to one of its most popular helmets, the Icon Variant Helmet. We will see the release of the Icon Variant Salvo Helmet and the Icon Variant Salvo Hi-Viz Helmet. While we haven't gotten our hands on one yet to do a RevZillaTV review, we do have some photos and some information that we've gathered.

The Icon Variant Salvo Helmet is designed to be black and sleek during the day but extremely bright at night time. The graphics utilize highly reflective paint that lights up like daytime when a motorists lights bounce off of it. Icon's idea for this helmet was to create a helmet that would provide higher levels of visibility and safety, but to mask all of this within a new graphical pattern. And they definitely succeeded with the edgy design of the Salvo that is also highly functional in night riding. The core of the Variant remains the same: Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Dyneema construction; long oval head shape; multiple intake and exhaust ports; removable and washable HydraDry moisture-wicking liner; quick-change fog-free shield; and much more.

The Icon Variant Salvo Hi-Viz Helmet takes the reflectivity of the regular Salvo to the next level by utilizing bright fluorescent yellow paint on the shell, to work in conjunction with the reflective graphics. It is also available in a fluorescent orange version.

Stay tuned for our video review of this helmet when we can get our hands on one!


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