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REV'IT! Womens Ventura Jacket & REV'IT! Ventura Pants Review

For all the hardcore adventure riding women out there, it's well-known that finding high-performance gear that isn't just a downsized version of a man's outfit is an arduous task. Sure, there is the REV'IT! Siren Jacket, billed as an all-weather ADV jacket, but in reality it's only going to perform well in Fall-Winter-Spring. And then of course there is the REV'IT! Sand or the REV'IT! Cayenne Pro, which are unisex sizing according to REV'IT! but can really prove challenging for a female to find her proper fit. This year, REV'IT! responded to the requests and produced the most bombproof ADV outfit the women's motorcycling community has seen to date. The REV'IT! Womens Ventura Jacket and REV'IT! Womens Ventura Pants will perform in all seasons
and all weather conditions and truly live up to the REV'IT! name.

Check out our full REV'IT! Ventura Jacket and REV'IT! Ventura Pants Review:

Starting with the shell, the Ventura is a 500D PWRShell construction for abrasion resistance with strategically placed PWRShell 500D Stretch fabric for comfort and ease of motion. Internally, ladies-specific ProLife CE rated armor is in the shoulder, elbow and knee (which is height adjustable), with a foam back pad that can be upgraded to a Knox TP2 CE Back Protector in addition to EVA foam hip padding. For seasonality, both jacket and pants feature detachable quilted thermal liners and detachable Hydratex waterproof breathable liners. With them in, you'll be protected from all forms of precipitation and your body will stay warm as the mercury drops. When it's hot and sunny out, simply take out both the liners, and pop open the
ventilation. The outer collar of the jacket is fully removable, and when taken off reveals a large Dynax mesh panel to flow air. The sleeve zippers are two-way, similar to the Sand except they extend higher for even more airflow, and there are additional intake vents at the upper legs and on each side of the torso. So, with the liners out and the vents open, you'll get solid airflow that will keep you cool in the summertime. For storage, there are two large dry cargo pockets on the jacket, two pockets on the pants, inner pockets for valuables, and a large rabbit pouch for storage of a liner.

The key to this outfit is the womens-specific nature of the design. REV'IT! utilized their Engineered Skin design, which is essentially garments created from many different panels of fabric that are ergonomically designed on a CAD machine. But to add to the specific curves and contours built into the outfit, REV'IT! added multiple zones of adjustability to accommodate the widest range of women's body shapes that they could. So you'll find adjustability at the hips, waist, cuffs, upper arms, waist (of pants) and ankles. So, with the stretch paneling and the hip/waist adjustments, in addition to the fact that this outfit is available in short, long and standard sizes, every female ADV rider should be covered. There is
stretch paneling in the Ventura above the knees and at the lower back, in addition to the backs of the elbows, for maximum comfort when riding. The removable collar also features a 5-way adjustable closure and a lockdown system so there will be no flapping when riding with the collar open. Laminated reflective panels are strategically placed for maximum visibility during night time rides. Both the jacket and pants feature short and long connection zippers to be paired up and make a full suit.

Female ADV riders everywhere are sure to be excited about the brand new REV'IT! Ventura Jacket and Pants. When we first heard that the rumors of this outfit were actually materializing, we knew that REV'IT! was finally going to deliver and fill a longstanding gap in their female product line. We hope that this starts a trend in the industry and more manufacturers start to realize how big a segment the female ADV community is.

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