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REV'IT! Spring 2011 Gear Reviews

Lets check out the REV'IT! Spring 2011 Gear Overview:

REV'IT! Energy HV Jacket

The much anticipated line of REV'IT! Spring 2011 Gear is here and we've got HD video reviews for you. 15 videos in total that detail and break down 20 brand new pieces from REV'IT!. From the aggressive hot weather sport styling of the REV'IT! Tarmac Air Jacket to the multi-season all-weather hi-viz commuter-focused REV'IT! Energy HV Jacket (at right) all the way through the REV'IT! Tarmac Race Suit, REV'IT! has addressed many holes in the lineup and come out with a seriously impressive run of new gear.

One outfit in particular that has a ton of hype surrounding it is the brand new REV'IT! Women's Ventura Jacket (at right)
REV'IT! Ventura Jacket
and REV'IT! Women's Ventura Pants. This is the first truly women-specific, in terms of cut and sizing, all-season all-weather Adventure Touring outfit. Take the REV'IT! Sand Jacket and REV'IT! Sand Pants, make it specific to ladies, and then increase the functionality and ventilation. Out comes the REV'IT! Ventura Jacket and Pants, sure to be an absolute home run amongst the hardcore adventuring female community.

Over the course of the next several days, we will be posting up our HD video gear reviews of all this new product in addition to blogs that will accompany them. For now, I'll quickly go through the new line with a couple brief notes about each new product.

REV'IT! Tarmac Race Suit
First is the new REV'IT! Tarmac series. There is the REV'IT! Tarmac Race Suit (at right), coming in to take the place of the REV'IT! TT Suit, the big upgrade here being the integration of a hydration-bag-ready speed hump. The liner system is now 3D bubble mesh, fully removable and washable, which creates a microclimate within the suit for temperature regulation and is a big step up over the standard mesh liner in the TT. It also comes in at a lower price point which is always nice. The REV'IT! Tarmac Leather Jacket and REV'IT! Tarmac Pants are essentially the top and bottom halves of this suit and offer the versatility of varied sizing if the one-piece suit is a difficult fit for you. And of course, the jacket on its own can be paired with any race-level pants and vice versa with the Tarmac
REV'IT! Tarmac Air Jacket
Pants. The REV'IT! Tarmac Gloves are also brand new and complete the racing side of the Tarmac line. Consider the Tarmac Gloves the little brother to the REV'IT! Jerez Gloves, as they replace the REV'IT! GT Corse as the second in command in REV'IT!'s race glove offering. The Tarmac Gloves add dual compound aluminum/honeycomb armor to the back of the hand, essentially an aluminum plate for sliding set in a honeycomb backing for resistance to impact. They are definitely a forward step from the GT Corse gloves. Rounding out this portion of the line is the REV'IT! Tarmac Air Jacket (at right) which is essentially a REV'IT! Air Jacket on steroids, with beefier mesh, a shell
more abrasion-resistant than the Air, and more aggressive
styling for the sportbike rider.

REV'IT! Axis Pants
The next two products are designed with the commuter in mind and finally address some glaring holes in the REV'IT! lineup. The brand new REV'IT! Energy HV Jacket (pictured above) and REV'IT! Axis Pants are sure to be a smash hit with commuters for a number of reasons. The Energy Jacket finally delivers on the need for a completely hi-visibility all-season and all-weather jacket in the REV'IT! line. The Energy HV absolutely glows! The Axis pants, on the other hand, are an overpant designed exclusively with the commuter in mind, with extraordinarily fast on and off speed (our REV'IT! rep claims that it can be done in under thirty seconds, a feat you'll witness when that video is released). They also boast a 600D shell and adjustable CE
rated armor and reflective for visibility.

REV'IT! Tornado Jacket
The REV'IT! Tornado Jacket (at left) and REV'IT! Tornado Pants (below left) take the design of the REV'IT! Turbine Jacket and Turbine Pants to the next level. With more mesh than REV'IT! has ever utilized in a jacket and pant combo, the Tornado will flow more air while keeping you extremely well protected than anything else in the REV'IT! lineup (and probably on the market for that matter). Beyond the immense airflow, the most significant upgrade is the addition of a 2-in-1 liner system. The detachable liner is a standalone windbreaker that is waterproof breathable and features thermal insulating qualities.

REV'IT! Tornado Pants
The pants liner, though not designed to be worn alone, is also the 2-in-1 thermally insulated waterproof breathable liner system. So in reality, the only weather condition this outfit will not perform in is the dead cold of winter. Any other time of year through a wide temperature range and all precipitation, the Tornado will be a go-to option. Also available in a women-specific REV'IT! Women's Tornado Jacket and REV'IT! Women's Tornado Pants. This version will be cut and contoured to match the shape of a woman's body and designed for long-distance touring comfort.

REV'IT! Raven Jacket
REV'IT! put a lot of focus on women-specific gear this year,
noticing the glaring need in the industry for technical gear contoured for the shape and curves of women. For the sporty female rider, the REV'IT! Women's Raven Jacket (at right), REV'IT! Women's Raven Pants and REV'IT! Women's Raven Gloves give women a slick-looking sport and track riding combo. Designed by women riders for women riders, the curves and lines of this outfit are pre-shaped to fit a woman, unlike a lot of women's gear that is simply smaller versions of men's sizes. The jacket and pants both feature 360ยบ zips, safety stitching, and ladies-specific armor and the jacket also has a removable thermal liner for colder riding. The REV'IT! Raven Gloves are a full gauntlet sport glove, with plenty of protection and armor for track riding.

REV'IT! Fly Gloves
In addition to the Tarmac and Raven Gloves, REV'IT! has also released five other gloves for Spring 2011. The REV'IT! Fly Gloves (at right) are a lightweight short cuff summertime sport riding glove a notch below the REV'IT! Monster Gloves in features and functionality. A step up from the Fly and Monsters would be the REV'IT! Curb Gloves, another lightweight summertime sport glove built for aggressive riding, that touts carbon fiber protection and a dual-compound aluminum and honeycomb palm slider. The REV'IT! Phantom GTX Gloves are a multi-season all-weather sport touring glove featuring a Gore-Tex waterproof breathable membrane and hard shell protection. With protective elements borrowed from the Jerez race glove, the Phantom GTX gloves will get you through the
REV'IT! Summit H2O Gloves
worst of it. Finally, the REV'IT! Summit Gloves and REV'IT! Summit H2O Gloves are designed for multi-season sport touring with the H2O version providing the added versatility of complete waterproofing. Also available as the REV'IT! Women's Summit Gloves and REV'IT! Women's Summit H2O Gloves (at right), these gloves are stylish and work great as a do-it-all multi-season option.

I realize this is rather long-winded for a simple overview of the line, but there is a lot here. REV'IT! has taken giant strides forward this Spring, just like they did in the Fall with their Gore-Tex line. It will be interesting to see how the competition responds and what they've got in store for new Spring gear.

Stay tuned for video reviews and detailed blogs to go along with all of the new REV'IT! Gear.


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