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REV'IT! Everest GTX Jacket & REV'IT! Everest GTX Pants Review

Consider this just something to whet the appetite. Due for tentative arrival in Spring 2011, the REV'IT! Everest GTX Jacket and REV'IT! Everest GTX Pants already have throngs of Adventure riders psyched for what's to come. Made in cooperation with Gore-Tex, the Everest outfit is the most technically advanced adventure touring product that REV'IT! has made to date, essentially indestructible and immune to the worst malice that Mother Nature can exact on a motorcyclist. We had the chance to get a super early sneak peek at this gear back in August but held off on a review, knowing that there'd be some changes before production. But we got our hands on the finalized product and gave it the RevZillaTV treatment. The REV'IT! Everest GTX outfit is everything it is touted to be.

Check out our REV'IT! Everest GTX Jacket and Pants Video Review:

The REV'IT! Everest GTX is arguably the most technically advanced jacket and pants they've ever released. The Everest uses GORE-TEX Pro Shell 3-Layer technology in its construction, which receives the highest waterproof breathable rating of any Gore engineering. The waterproofing is guaranteed for life and if any of this garment ever leaks, Gore-Tex will replace or repair it at no cost to you. The Pro Shell 3-Layer membrane utilizes heavy duty DuPont Cordura and Stretch Cordura in addition to Armacor which is a Cordura/Kevlar weave that is typically seen only in military application. Armacor is lightweight, soft to the touch, and incredibly abrasion resistant. It features a ripstop weave which prevents any puncture from tearing further and can be found in all impact areas of this garment.

So how do you keep a garment completely waterproof but also provide ventilation for hot weather riding? That's been a struggle with all-weather motorcycle gear for a long time. Until now. The Everest utilizes the brand new Gore-Tex LockOut zippers for intake ventilation at the chest and at the upper legs.  The LockOut zippers essentially work like the heaviest duty zip-lock bag you could imagine. Unlike traditional zippers with teeth, the LockOut zips are completely waterproof, utilizing a dual channel rubberized system to close. Easy open and easy close with 100% waterproofing in addition to being self-healing, which is to say that if they ever come apart, they will right themselves back on track. Waterproofing problem solved. Every other zipper on the garment is 100% YKK and all the snaps are spring-loaded.

The outer shell is treated with a TFL Cool treatment for heat reduction. TFL Cool essentially blocks the garment from heat absorption by 30% which could be up to 75ยบ F of heat reduction. Both the jacket and pants use the REV'IT! Exkin Air liner which is plush and comfortable, and provides 400% the insulation of DuPont Thermolite at 1/2 the weight and 1/2 the thickness. The Exkin is lined in high-sweat areas with moisture-wicking fleece to keep you dry and comfortable. When it's hot out, pull out the liners, open up the Lockout intake vents and the exhaust panels, and you'll be flowing plenty of air to keep you comfortable. There is also a CoolMax removable thermal collar that is antibacterial and moisture-wicking and can be taken off for added hot weather functionality.

Moving into the armor of the Everest. There is SaS-Tec molecular-level armor in the shoulders, elbows and knees with soft padding in the hips and back. Both the hips and back are shaped to house SaS-Tec protectors. If you don't know about SaS-Tec, it is extremely flexible and comfortable within the garment, molding to your body when body heat contacts it. However, upon impact, it becomes absolutely rigid and disperses the energy of impact across the surface area of the armor piece. Other companies are making molecular-level armor in this style, but we think SaS-Tec does it the best. The US Military seems to think the same thing, since it is this armor that is used in the soles of the soldiers who work on bomb diffusing teams in the Middle East. It's some serious armor.

The jacket and pants can be connected via the full length connection zipper for a complete suit. REV'IT! uses their GTX laminated reflection panels in this outfit, in all the important areas. There are multiple regions of adjustability, including the cuffs, waist, upper arms, under arms, hips, and ankles. The Everest has stretch material in the elbows, at the small of the back, and in the knees for an ergonomic and comfortable fit over long-distance touring rides. There are waterproof stash pockets to store important cargo, handwarmer pockets, and inner pockets. Finally, the collar is five-way adjustable and features a hook-and-loop lockdown system for when you want to ride with the collar open in warm weather.

There is much more to be said about this garment, but let me put it simply: this is arguably the most rugged and bombproof piece of gear we've ever seen at RevZilla. It will suit the seriously demanding Adventure Touring rider's needs and exceed expectations across the board. We are thrilled about its release this Spring and think it will be extremely popular in the most hardcore ADV touring crowd.


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