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Shift Fuel & Kicker Riding Shoes Review

We've said it before but we can't emphasize it enough: we are extremely impressed with what Shift Racing does from a style standpoint. And the fact that they are able to integrate serious protective elements into their gear really puts the pressure on their competitors to up their game. With the full high-top Shift Kicker Shoes and the Shift Fuel Street Shoes, they have provided all sport riders out there with non-clunky protective riding shoes that really stand apart from the rest but are subtle and stylish enough that you can wear them around town under a pair of jeans without anyone knowing you've got protective moto gear on.

Check out our Shift Fuel Street Shoes Review:

The Shift Fuel Street Shoe is the bestselling item from Shift, period. Staying true to the Shift theme, the Fuel is a great looking riding shoe that offers tremendous value at the $99 price point. At first glance, you'd think it was a sneaker, but the Fuel has all the protective and performance elements of a motorcycle shoe. The outer construction is a mixture of split grain and synthetic leather while the interior is constructed of breathable wicking materials to allow your foot to breathe and not get clammy on long rides. The Speed-lace system, which is secured by an adjustable velcro strap, allows for quick and easy on and off by simply pulling the laces from the top eyelet. The low profile of the laces also helps to prevent getting snagged on your bike at all.

For protection, there is medial and lateral hard plastic ankle protection that will keep you safe from impact and offers abrasion resistance beyond the leather itself. The reinforced toe box protects the front of your foot while the injected rubber inserts atop the toe box aid in protection and grip when shifting. The molded and bonded polyurethane outsole provides a great deal of comfort and will allow you to walk in these shows all day when you get off the bike. Bringing to the table the perfect mix of comfort, style, and protection, the Shift Fuel Street Shoes are a bestseller for a reason.

Next is our Shift Kicker Shoes Review:

Essentially the big brother to the Shift Fuels, the Shift Kicker Shoes provide style, comfort, and safety into a motorcycle riding shoe that could easily pass as a sneaker. With a full genuine and synthetic leather chassis, multiple protective and reinforcement elements, and a load of creature comforts, the Shift Kickers will quickly become your favorite riding shoes. Upgrading from the standard adjustable velcro lace cover, the Kicker uses a ratcheting alloy buckle closure system to protect the laces and provide a secure fit. The laces themselves are the Shift Speed-lace system that allows for quick tightening, easy on/off, and their low profile protected by covers significantly reduce the chance of getting them caught on any parts of the bike.

For safety, there is hard plastic medial and lateral ankle protection, a reinforced midsole for strength on the pegs, a reinforced toe box, and an extremely subtle injected rubber patch over the toe box for strength and grip while shifting. The sole is molded, bonded and non-slip for superior traction properties and exceptional resilience and comfort. Lastly, the interior of the shoe is breathable and moisture-wicking so on those long rides there is no chance of your foot getting unpleasantly clammy.

Shift Racing has just recently come into our lineup and we're super excited about what we're seeing so far. From their jackets to their gloves to their shoes, the attention to detail from both a stylistic and performance standpoint really is first-rate. Stay tuned for more about Shift as we roll out more video reviews. To see our full selection, visit our Motorcycle Riding Shoes section at


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