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Teknic Chicane Race Boots Review

A brand new redesign for the Teknic 2011 Collection, the Teknic Chicane Race Boots are another example of a Teknic product whose value greatly exceeds its price point. The Chicanes are loaded with track-level protection and provide a great value to the casual trackday rider who doesn't need all of the futuristic technological elements found in a pro-level boot.

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Starting out, the Chicanes are a full synthetic leather and microfiber upper construction. Due to the fact that synthetic leather can be manufactured without any flaws, it is actually a more expensive material than cowhide. At the instep of each boot is a suede grip panel to interface and grip the bike without damaging or scratching the metal. There is a stretch microfiber at the entry of the boot to allow for a broad range of fit and overall comfort. Inside, a breathable and moisture-wicking bubble mesh liner is used to ensure maximum comfort in active track riding conditions. The boots also feature a 15ยบ forward slant, ergonomically designed for comfort in the riding position. There is also strategic perforation in the Chicanes to flow air into the boots.

Moving in to the protective elements of the Chicanes, the first you'll notice is the replaceable aluminum/nylon toe slider. At this price point, it is extremely rare to see anything but a basic PU slider and you especially don't see replaceable aluminum parts. The ankle is protected medially and laterally by an injected PU ankle brace system, which wraps around and also provides achilles protection. This brace system limits side to side movement within the boot to prevent some of the more common racing injuries to the ankle. An anti-crush injected PU cup protects at the heel while a double injected rubber sole has an anti-crush shank to keep the bottom of the foot safe. The shins are kept safe by a double injected PU shin protector: an extremely common injury in motorcycling is the foot peg striking and breaking the tibia and this PU protector helps to stop that.

Within the Chicanes, you'll find double stitching in all high-use and high-wear areas for the highest level of resistance to tearing. A PU injected shifter panel at the top of the toe interfaces with the shifter. The anatomic foot-bed in the Chicanes can be removed if you so choose and the zipper-and-velcro closure provides another level of flexibility in fit and comfort. Again, for the price, you won't find many other boots that are ready to hit the tarmac and provide this high of a degree of features and functionality. They are a great match for the Teknic Xcelerator Race Suit or the Teknic Violator Race Suit.

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