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Dainese Spring 2011 Leather Jacket Guide

Every Dainese loyalist is about to be extremely excited. Brand new for 2011, Dainese is releasing four new leather jackets, a new leather pant choice, and new colorways on an extremely popular leather staple of the Dainese lineup. While we have already shot a video review of the Dainese Cage Leather Jacket, we just recently were able to see the entirety of the new lineup and we will be rolling out all of our video reviews for the line in the near future. In the meantime, consider this a sneak preview, where you can see the reviews of the new leather jackets and pants. Make sure you stay tuned for the detailed blog breakdown of every one of these products in the very near future.

But in the meantime, first up is our Dainese Alien Leather Jacket Review:

The Dainese Alien Leather Jacket is a track-ready leather that utilizes Dainese's D-Skin Leather and a 3-D Bubble Mesh liner. D-Skin is more abrasion-resistant and offers higher tensile strength than cowhide while the 3D bubble liner creates a microclimate and thereby maintains your core temperature no matter whether it is hot or cold outside. CE rated co-injected aluminum shoulder armor with CE rated elbow/forearm armor, the Alien also has pockets for the Dainese Wave or Dainese Shield Back Protector and the Dainese Thorax Chest Protector. The Alien is fully track ready with a 360º zip for pants connection. It is also available as the Dainese Alien Non-Perforated Leather Jacket.

Next up is the Dainese Rebel Leather Jacket Review:

The Dainese Rebel Leather Jacket is close to the top of the Dainese food chain for racing leather jackets. The only things higher in price and functionality are the Dainese Santa Monica Jacket and the Dainese New Delmar Jacket. A premium cowhide leather construction with a silver ion treated sanitized liner system and a removable thermal liner, the Rebel has CE rated co-injected titanium shoulder armor with CE rated elbow/forearm armor. The Rebel features an aerodynamic spoiler for racing and trackday riding and of course a 360º zip to connect to pants. The Rebel also has pockets for optional back protection and chest protection. Stay tuned for the full breakdown coming very soon.

Next up is the Dainese Racing Leather Jacket Review:

The Dainese Racing Leather Jacket has been a staple product in the Dainese line and this year there are brand new colorways available. There are now versions of this jacket that will match for the Yamaha and Gixxer riders. Premium cowhide is used in the construction of this jacket, with co-injected aluminum CE rated shoulder protection and CE rated elbow/forearm armor. You've got a 360º zip for pants attachment and trackday riding; this jacket will perform excellently both on the street and the track. Again, stay tuned for the full details on this jacket when the blog is released.

Next is our Dainese Tourage Leather Jacket Review:

A classically styled leather jacket that looks just as good walking around town as it does on the bike, the Dainese Tourage Leather Jacket is designed with the refined rider in mind, perfectly marrying motorcycle protection and sport touring performance with Italian fashion. The Tourage is designed to be comfortable in the upright or 3/4 position, with articulated panels that match this design. It utilizes a vintage cowhide for a soft feel and a classic appearance and suede lettering that screams vintage. CE rated armor in the shoulders and elbows with a pocket for CE back protection, the Tourage also has an antimicrobial and antibacterial sanitized lining.

Finally, our Dainese Alien Leather Pants Review:

The Dainese Alien Leather Pants are the perfect match for the Dainese Alien Leather Jacket, forming a track-ready combo or simply a protective and comfortable sport touring outfit. The Aliens use D-Skin leather, more abrasion resistant and higher tensile strength than cowhide, and also extremely comfortable. They also feature large S1 stretch panels for comfort, mobility and airflow in the lower back, back of the knees, and crotch and inner leg area. CE rated armor in the knees with large foam hip protectors, a sanitized NanoFeel liner system, and reflective inserts for visibility. The Alien pants also have a double calf zip, one for expansion and calf size accommodation, and one as a closure. The 360º zip connects these pants to any race-legal leather jacket.

There you have it, our brief overview of the brand new Dainese Leather Jackets for 2011. Stay tuned for our in-depth write-ups of all of this gear in addition to our review videos of the full Dainese Spring 2011 lineup that we'll be rolling out soon.


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