Thursday, November 11

Dainese Cage Leather Jacket Review

Premium Italian cowhide leather. Protective elements. Armani levels of fashion meets motorcycle gear. We're talking Dainese. Brand new for Fall of 2010, Dainese has replaced their extremely popular entry-level Laguna Seca Jacket with a leather that offers significant upgrades over its predecessor. The Dainese Cage Leather Jacket improves the styling and adds some key features making it the new entry-level staple in the leather motorcycle jacket lineup.

Here is our Dainese Cage Jacket Review:

The style of Dainese gear speaks for itself; it truly is the marriage between high men's fashion and protection necessary on a motorcycle. Moving beyond the fashionable aspect of the gear, what's most important is how will it protect you in a get-off scenario. The Cage uses premium Italian cowhide leather combined with CE rated shoulder and elbow armor for abrasion and impact resistance. Pockets are built in to the chest and back for Thorax chest and Wave back protectors. With or without the addition of those optional pieces of armor, this gear will be extremely protective on a bike. The Cage features Cordura Comfort fabric paneling along the sides of the torso for stretch and airflow along with elasticated fabric under the arm for comfort while riding. Strategic reflective paneling
ensures you'll be seen when riding at night.

They've also worked in some significant creature comforts into this jacket. The most significant of these is the 3D Bubble Liner that creates an airgap between the jacket's exterior and your body. In turn, air gets trapped and creates a microclimate that regulates the body's temperature and keeps you comfortable whether you are riding in warm or cold weather. This is a huge upgrade over the basic sanitized nylon mesh lining that was in the Laguna Seca. The Cage also features a sanitized lining in the areas that are not 3D bubble mesh. Three outer pockets, two internal pockets, 360ยบ jacket-pants connection zip, adjustments at the waist and collar, and an ergonomic articulated design round out the features of what is sure to be a standout from Dainese.

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