Wednesday, November 10

Bell Photochromic Transitions Shield Review

Through Bell Helmets union with Transitions SolFX Optical who is the undisputed leader in photochromic lenses, the pinnacle of light-adjusting shields has been achieved in the Bell Photochromic Shield. The shield intuitively reacts to light conditions meaning that you'll never have to swap shields when riding at night or during full-blast sunlight. Check out this video of the Bell Transitions SolFX shield below for all the details.

Beyond the obvious benefits of having an automatically-tinting shield, the Photochromic Faceshield also utilizes the Bell NutraFogII anti-fog coating which dramatically cuts back on fogging. It is also anti-scratch and its UV-protection coatings block over 99% of UV rays. The shield is compatible with the Bell Vortex Helmet and Bell Star Helmet as it utilizes the Bell ClickRelease shield system.

We have a couple guys around the office that have been using this shield with their Stars and Vortexes and we've heard nothing but great reviews about it.


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