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Dainese Alien Leather Jacket Review

One of the most exciting products in the Dainese Spring 2011 Gear lineup is no doubt the Dainese Alien Leather Jacket. The Alien fills the need in the Dainese line for a classic-styled leather jacket whose performance matches its sporty look. Comfort, technicality, performance and style all come together in the Dainese Alien, which fits a step above the Dainese Racing Leather Jacket and a step below the features of the Dainese Rebel Leather Jacket in their lineup of aggressive street and track leathers.

Check out our Dainese Alien Leather Jacket review below:

The Dainese Alien Leather Jacket is constructed from Dainese's proprietary premium D-Skin leather. D-Skin offers significantly higher tensile strength and abrasion resistance than traditional cowhide, and it is also treated with a special silicone and wax treatment for superior softness. The Alien features S1 stretch fabric that runs the length of the inner arms, providing comfort, mobility and airflow. Speaking of ventilation, the standard version of this jacket has a full perf scheme but there is also a Dainese Alien Non-Perforated Leather Jacket available for riders in milder climates. Inside, Dainese's 3D Bubble Liner is used; by creating tiny pockets of air between the skin and the jacket, a microclimate is created within the jacket, allowing hot air to escape in the
summer, but keeping warmth close to the skin in the colder months.

For protection, CE rated co-injected armor is used in the shoulders, an aluminum slider welded to a hard plastic cup that is backed by shock absorbing foam. There is also CE rated armor in the elbows that extends down the forearm. The Alien features two pockets in the back that can house any of Dainese's proprietary back protection inserts. A brand new feature that we're starting to see more and more, the chest of this jacket features a pocket for the Dainese Thorax Chest Protector. Injuries to the chest are some of the most common in motorcycling; as a result, manufacturers are being more attentive to riders' desires for added protection in that area of a jacket. With the addition of optional back and chest protection, you can significantly
enhance the safety features of this jacket.

Some more of the features on this jacket include: S1 stretch paneling that wraps under the arms and to the backs of the shoulders for mobility when hitting the race position; a leather-rolled comfort collar; adjustability on each side of the waist, and at the neck; nubuck leather panels across the chest and at the outside of biceps for style; a fully sanitized antimicrobial liner to keep the inside of the jacket from getting musty; reflective paneling in strategic areas; two outside pockets and one internal pocket; and finally, temperfoam injected panels for added protection. This jacket also has a 360ยบ zip for track legality and it is a great match for the Dainese Alien Leather Pants for track days or even sport touring applications.

Dainese delivers once again with a technically-sound and extraordinarily stylish jacket. The Dainese Alien Leather Jacket has a classic look that simply won't go out of style, and it's also going to perform extremely well in a variety of applications.

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