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Dainese Rebel Leather Jacket Review

Another extremely technical racing leather jacket from Dainese, the brand new Dainese Rebel Leather Jacket is one of the most feature-rich street and track jackets in the Dainese lineup. Also available as the Dainese Rebel Non-Perforated Leather Jacket, there are few leather jackets that offer a higher degree of technicality in the Dainese lineup. And as always, you make no sacrifice in style, as Dainese gear truly pays as much attention to the design of their gear as they do the protective and performance elements.

Check out our Dainese Rebel Leather Jacket Review below:

The Rebel is a premium Italian cowhide leather chassis, complemented by S1 stretch fabric along the inner arms. In the perf version, there is a fully ventilated scheme of cowhide for maximum cooling on hot days. The S1 stretch fabric contributes to this cooling by allowing air to flow through; it also provides comfort and flexibility due to the nature of the material. While we're talking comfort and ergonomics, the bi-elasticated stretch panels, found at the backs of the elbows and under the arms wrapping to the backs of the shoulders, allow for a full range of motion when maneuvering on the racetrack. The collar also features an elasticated insert for a snug and comfortable fit against the neck. Airflow is furthered by the zip-open chest vents and
the zip-open side of torso vents.

Armor on the Rebel is some of the best that Dainese has to armor. The CE rated shoulder armor is a titanium slider welded to a hard part plastic base, all of which is backed by shock-absorbing foam. The elbow armor is CE rated and extends to the forearm, forming a highly protective cup. The back features two slots which can house any of Dainese's CE rated back protector inserts. At the chest, there is a pocket for the Dainese Thorax Chest Protector. Upgrading in these areas significantly improves the protective elements of this jacket. Temperfoam injected panels are strategically placed and give an added boost to the overall safety. Lastly, the aerodynamic speed hump also keeps the body off the ground in the event of a crash scenario.

For true Spring-Summer-Fall functionality, the Rebel also has a removable full-sleeved quilted thermal liner that can be utilized when the temperature dips. The mesh lining of the jacket is a NanoFeel liner, treated with silver ions for antibacterial, antimicrobial and sanitizing purposes. The Rebel has a 360ยบ zip for track legality, four outer pockets, two internal pockets, and reflective ticks in strategic locations. That rounds out the feature set of this 2011 standout product from Dainese. See more choices by visiting Dainese Leather Jackets and our Leather Motorcycle Jackets sections at RevZilla.com.


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