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Dainese Alien Leather Pants Review

A brand new sport touring and racing pant for Spring 2011, the Dainese Alien Leather Pants already look to be a smash hit for the upcoming season. What's really impressive about this newest leather pant option from Dainese is their versatility and the extreme attention paid to ergonomics and comfort over long distances. Any motorcyclist who is a trackday enthusiast or a long-distance sport touring rider knows that there is nothing more crucial than staying comfortable (and protected, of course) so as to not have any distractions from the active task of riding.

Check out our Dainese Alien Leather Pants Review:

Designed as the complement to any leather jacket in the Dainese lineup (via 360º zip) but particularly the Dainese Alien Leather Jacket, the Alien pants are constructed from a full D-Skin leather chassis. Proprietary to Dainese, D-Skin leather offers significantly higher abrasion resistance than traditional cowhide and offers an extra soft and comfortable feel thanks to a special wax and silicone treatment. I stressed comfort in the intro to this blog and now I'll explain how exactly that is achieved. First off, as stated, the leather is extremely soft. The other big piece here is the S1 Stretch fabric; S1 is a highly abrasion resistant fabric that also allows for ease of movement and expansion. This fabric can be found in the crotch and inner legs, at the backs of the
knees, and the small of the back.

The Alien leather pants feature CE rated armor not only in the knee and shin area but also at the hip. Rarely do we see pants come stock with CE hip armor, so this is a nice upgrade from Dainese. Inside, the Aliens have a NanoFeel mesh liner system; NanoFeel is a silver ion treated fabric that is sanitized, antibacterial and antibacterial. It is also moisture-wicking, allowing the skin to breathe in active riding scenarios, pulling sweat away from the body. The S1 stretch at the backs of the knees also airs for additional breathability. Bi-elasticated stretch paneling above the knees is there for articulation in the riding position. Another awesome feature in these pants is the double calf zip closure system. One zip is for expansion to accommodate riders with bigger legs, the other for closure.

The Alien pants feature two hip pockets that are tipped with reflective paneling, belt loops if a belt is desired, a full 360º zip for jacket connection and track legality, safety stitching throughout the pants, and elasticated inserts in the waist for comfort.

These pants are going to be an absolute home run this season as Dainese delivers another option for the sport touring rider and the casual trackday rider. To see comparable products, visit our Dainese Leather Pants section and our Leather Motorcycle Pants page.


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