Thursday, February 10

AFX FX-39 Dual Sport Helmet Preview

AFX FX-39 DS Strike Helmet
The AFX FX-39 Dual Sport Helmet is brand new for 2011, and arrives as the successor to the wildly popular AFX FX-37. The new AFX FX 39 takes what the FX-37 was, in terms of quality, design, and features that exceed its price point, and continues that tradition for AFX Helmets' signature dual sport lid. The shell is a DOT & ECE 22.05 certified composite poly-alloy shell which is extremely resilient and lightweight. This new model has managed to shave two ounces off the weight of the FX-37, making it even more comfortable for those aggressive on-and-off-road rides.

Lets check out the AFX FX-39 Dual Sport Helmet Review:

AFX FX-39 DS Hi-Viz Helmet
We hope to get our hands on one of these within the next couple of weeks to do a full video breakdown of the helmet inside and out, but for now a quick feature overview will have to sate the appetite. Inside, the nylon liner is extremely comfortable, with cheekpads removable and washable, and the entirety of the interior is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. The versatility of this helmet comes from the ability to remove both the visor and shield, or use them in conjunction. The shield can easily be removed to accommodate open-face riding with the visor in place and goggles strapped on. The visor can also be taken off, and the shield left in place for strictly street riding.

AFX FX-39 DS Camo Helmet
Another cool feature of the new AFX FX39 DS Helmet is the cutouts that afford enough space for speakers for a bluetooth communication system. The FX-39 also has a nine-part ventilation system: chin, side, forehead and top intake vents with rear exhaust vents for excellent airflow. The closure is a cam-lock buckle style retention system that is quick release for convenience.

Overall, if you're a dualsport or adventure touring rider, this could be a solid choice at an extremely affordable price point. Stay tuned for more as it comes in.


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