Thursday, February 10

Schuberth Helmets Sizing Guide

There has been some confusion swirling around the sizing of Schuberth Helmets since the Schuberth C3 Helmet became available in the US recently. It has been the assumption of some that you can use the same size that you wear in your old Arai or Shoei lid, and that it will accurately transfer over to the proper sizing in a Schuberth. In this video we show how and where to take the measurement of your head to ensure that you get the proper fit in your Schuberth helmet.

Check out our Schuberth Helmet Sizing Guide:

Relatively straightforward, it is crucial that you consult the Schuberth Helmet Size Chart before purchasing. There is definitely at least a centimeter difference between the Schuberth sizing and similar brands. And of course, if you're having any trouble, don't hesitate to contact us at 877-792-9455 or

Below you can see our two-part Schuberth C3 Helmet Review and our Schuberth SRC Bluetooth System Review:


Schuberth C3 Helmet Review and Opinion
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