Wednesday, February 9

Icon Field Armor Stryker Series Review

Brand new for Spring 2011, Icon has made some huge improvements in their Field Armor series. The new Stryker series of field armor is now completely CE approved, whereas previous versions weren't, and utilizes d3o molecular-level armor which is a big step up from simply hard plastic protectors in years past. The Icon Field Armor Stryker Series offers a wide range of armor pieces that will complement the rest of your gear and provide high levels of safety and protection from impact and abrasion.

Check out our Icon Field Armor Stryker Review:

The Icon Field Armor Stryker Vest takes everything the 1st-gen vest touted to the next level. The exterior has been redesigned to be more ergonomic and comfortable but really the big thing here is the addition of d3o armor nested inside of the articulated injection molded hard parts. d3o armor is soft and malleable against the body, but upon impact it becomes absolutely rigid and disperses energy evenly across the surface area of the armor to reduce the intensity of the shock. This vest is also available in Mil-Spec hi-viz yellow and orange color options. It offers the versatility of being worn under or over a jacket and providing you with that next level of safety.

The Icon Field Armor Stryker Elbow Guard and Icon Field Armor Stryker Knee Guard offer the versatility of added protective elements to otherwise not safety-minded street clothes. Designed with extensive input from professional Street Freestyle riders, the elbow and knee armor pieces combine comfort and ergonomics with high degrees of safety. The Hydradry moisture-wicking interior keeps you dry and comfortable, while the d3o intelligent armor and articulation injection molded hard part shell provide the protection from impact and abrasion. The low profile design of the elbow and knee guards mean they can easily fit under most jackets and give you an unseen boost in protection.

Finally, an extremely common injury in any get-off weather on the street or on the dirt is to the hips (think low-side). The Icon Field Armor Stryker Shorts help to stave off any serious injury by adding d3o armor that is backed by biofoam inner hip pads, basically delivering two degrees of protection. The chassis is a stretch HydraDry material that is moisture-wicking to ensure comfort while the low-pro design of the shorts makes it hard to know you've even got armored undergarments on. Fully CE approved, these shorts are a great option for a variety of motorsports applications.


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