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Fall 2010 Icon Motorcycle Jacket Guide

Leading the charge of the new Fall 2010 line of Icon Motorcycle Jackets is the Icon Overlord Prime Jacket, the toughest leather jacket that Icon has produced to date. Featuring 1.2-1.4mm premium grade Brazilian cowhide leather, the Overlord Prime shows Icon elevating their brand to the level of other top sportbike gear manufacturers. The Icon Overlord Prime Jacket has an aggressive "attack fit," as Icon calls it, pre-shaping that is built to be in the tuck. Icon's beefy CE Field Armor provides the impact protection in the shoulders and elbows with external injected plastic reinforcements in impact areas on the shoulders, elbows and back.

Stretch panels live in all the right places in the Icon Overlord Prime, giving you just the right amount of comfort and flexibility, while mesh and strategically placed perforated leather provide the perfect breathability and ventilation. The Icon Overlord Prime Jacket comes stock with a dual-density foam back pad that is easily upgradeable to the CE rated Stryker back protector. The Overlord adds an extra level of temperature versatility with its removable insulated wind resistant vest. This jacket is straight-up designed for aggressive street riding and is sure to be a smash hit.

Next in the food chain in the new Icon line is the Icon Overlord Jacket. Basically, the Overlord offers the same features and functionality as the Overlord Prime minus the external plastic hard parts. The chassis is the same 1.2-1.4mm Brazilian cowhide, the protectors are Icon CE rated Field Armor, it's got stretch paneling, an upgradeable foam back pad, strategically placed perf'd leather, and the removable insulated vest. The Icon Overlord Jacket also has an aggressive pre-shape with curved arms and a tailored torso, so you know you'll be riding hard in this one.

The Icon Overlord Textile Jacket offers all the same R&D as the Overlord Leather but utilizes a durable abrasion-resistant nylon construction and Fighter mesh rather than Brazilian cowhide. Featuring the same removable Icon CE rated Field Armor in the shoulders and elbows with an upgradeable foam back pad, the Icon Overlord Textile will have you protected from anything the street might throw at you. Catering to the Icon loyalists, the Overlord textile has an aggressive attack fit with strategically-placed elastic stretch paneling for comfort and flexibility. It's going to be hard to find a jacket at this price point to compete with the Icon Overlord Textile Jacket, from a protective and performance standpoint.

Building on the successful construction of the Icon Contra Jacket, Icon developed two new models of this jacket for the fall of 2010. The Icon Contra Redeemer jacket and the Icon Contra Mil-Spec jacket are sure to be appealing to any fan of the Icon line seeking a battleproof textile jacket. Both jackets are built on a durable nylon textile chassis with heavyweight ballistic panels in impact areas, removable CE rated Field Armor and an upgradeable dual density back pad. There are integrated Fighter mesh panels strategically placed for ventilation and comfort with elastic stretch paneling in all the right areas to keep you comfortable and flexible.

A removable insulated wind resistant liner helps to extend the seasonality on both the Icon Contra Redeemer and the Icon Mil-Spec while ratchet closure waist adjusters ensure proper fit. The Icon Contra Redeemer jacket features aggressive graphics on the front and back while the Icon Contra Mil-Spec jacket meets US Military PPE Hi-Visibility specifications. The Icon Redeemer Jacket pairs well with the brand new Icon Alliance Redeemer Helmet. and the Icon Sub Redeemer Gloves. These new Icon Contra jackets are sure continue a long string of popularity in the Icon textile lineup.

Lastly, Icon decided to take their popular leather motorcycle jacket, the Icon Accelerant Jacket, and cater it to the Gixxer crowd. The result was the Icon Accelerant GSX-R Jacket. Outfitted with 1.2-1.4mm premium Brazilian cowhide leather, Icon's CE rated Field Armor for shoulder and elbow protection, and external TPU & alloy hard parts, the Icon Accelerant GSXR is built for performance and aggression, just like the gixxer it's meant to accompany.

Rounding out the feature set is ballistic stretch nylon for comfort and flexibility in the critical areas, perforated leather for airflow, an aggressive sport fit, a removable insulated liner, zippered intake and exhaust vents, and of course, the GSX-R logos where you want them to be seen. For the gixxer guy, the Icon Accelerant GSX-R jacket is going to be an absolute home run for protection and performance in the streets.

That rounds out the lineup of brand new Fall 2010 Icon motorcycle jackets. We're impressed by what Icon is done as they continue to push the limit of street performance gear and elevate their R&D to the next level. There's some more gear we've yet to show you from the Fall 2010 Icon Gear roster, so stay tuned diehard Icon fans, because it's all bad-ass.



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