Wednesday, August 18

New Icon Sub Redeemer Gloves

The Icon Sub Redeemer Gloves are the newest offering in the Icon Sub Glove series. Featuring the same standout feature set as the line for a 45-dollar glove, the Icon Sub Redeemer has one asset that sets it apart from similarly priced gloves: a Battlehide Goatskin palm. The Redeemer is a summertime lightweight glove built for the sportbike guy that Icon caters to, with their aggressively-styled line of products.

The back of the hand on the Icon Sub Redeemer is a textile construction that will protect the hand and breathe well while the palm is made with goatskin leather for abrasion resistance and superior tactile feel. Injection-molded temperfoam inserts protect the fingers and plastic knuckle armor makes sure you won't get hurt in the event of a get-off. What's really cool is that the knuckle armor is actually punctuated and will provide ventilation when riding. The graphics on this glove are printed in a way that they simply will not fade over time.

In short, this is a great bang-for-the-buck product for 45 bucks. It pairs up with all the new Redeemer products from Icon, the Icon Alliance Redeemer Helmet and the Icon Contra Redeemer Jacket.

We're gonna keep rolling out the new Fall 2010 Icon Gear bit by bit, so stay tuned!



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