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Dainese Avro Race Suit Review

Dainese's newest race suit for Spring 2011 features some new technological innovations previously unseen in any suits in the industry. The Dainese Avro Race Suit utilizes the exclusive and patented Second Skin system, which combines the benefits of stretch fabric for comfort and mobility with the abrasion resistance of leather. What results is a suit that is extraordinarily comfortable, both in the racing position and when standing in around in the paddock. Second only to the Dainese Trickster Race Suit (and of course any custom suits from Dainese), the Avro is one of our favorite new suits in the industry.

Check out our Dainese Avro Race Suit Review:

The focus of this suit from the gate was comfort as Dainese sought to create a race suit that weighed ergonomics with the same level of importance as safety and protection. To that end, you've got a chassis constructed of D-skin leather, Dainese's proprietary leather that provides significantly higher levels of tensile strength and abrasion resistance than traditional cowhide. CE rated armor can be found in the shoulder, elbow/forearm and knee/shin with the shoulder boasting an external co-injected titanium shoulder slider. The knees have replaceable GP-style knee pucks and throughout the suit you can find perforated astromemory foam injections for an added element of safety. While also acting for aerodynamics and airflow, the GP-style speed hump
adds protection in the event of a get-off.

As with all Dainese suits, strategic motion zones of the suit feature a combination of S1 stretch fabric and bi-axial elasticated inserts. The S1, at the inner arms, crotch, and inner legs, allows for a tremendous range of motion and also flows air for comfort. In impact areas, there is a layer of leather laminated on top of the S1 to provide abrasion resistance properties. The bi-axial elasticated leather inserts are atop the knees, at the shoulders, wrap down do the torso, and are at the small of the back, to allow for uncompromised movement in the tuck. The double calf zip system features one entry zip and one expansion zip that is backed by a gusset to accommodate different calf sizes. There is also an internal suit-to-boot fastening system if you
wanted to wear "in" boots with this suit.

Internally, the Avro has a removable and washable NanoFeel liner. NanoFeel is a silver ion treatment applied to the mesh that gives it antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. This suit will breathe very well and also stay germ free over the course of many active rides. The Avro also comes with an oversuit and a leather protection and cleaning kit.

We consider this to be a standout product of what's new for Spring 2011. Any Dainese release is notable, but the Dainese Avro Race Suit is utilizing some brand new technologies that really separate it from the competition. To see others like this, visit our Dainese Race Suits and Motorcycle Race Suits sections.


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