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Bell RS-1 Helmet Review

Bell RS-1 Victory Helmet
I know we've been talking about this helmet a ton lately, but it has us extremely excited as it is one of the best in its class that we've ever seen. We finally were able to get our hands on one this week and gave it the full RevZillaTV treatment. What you're getting with this lid is a direct competitor for the Shoei RF-1100, that is lighter, less expensive, and in our opinion offers a more snug, comfortable and ergonomic fit. Bell Helmets completely redesigned the headform for the Bell RS-1 Helmet (it's also used in the brand new pro-level Moto-9 dirt lid) and vastly improved on the fit of the Star and the Vortex. It's going to be an intermediate oval race fit.

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Bell RS-1 Solid Helmet
The first thing that has to be mentioned about this helmet is the weight as we put a size LG graphic RS-1 on our digital shipping scale here at RevZilla and came away with 3lbs 8oz. Being that it was a graphic version and a size large, you can shave off a couple of ounces for the solids and, obviously, as you go down in size. The shell of the RS-1 is Bell's Tri-Weave Matrix, a blend of Kevlar, Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass, which is the same construction method used in the race-level Bell Star, with less carbon fiber used in the RS1. The ventilation scheme has also been reconfigured for this lid, and it now flows more air than any helmet in the Bell lineup. With the chin vents, the brow vents, the newly designed chimney intakes and the exhaust ports, this helmet will flow a ton of air at speed.

Bell RS-1 Panic Zone Helmet
The RS-1 has all of the elements that has set Bell apart from other brands in recent years. It uses the same NutraFog II anti-fog anti-scratch shield as the Star and Vortex, and it is able to accommodate the extraordinarily popular Bell Transitions Shield which is photochromic and changes tint based on ambient light. It essentially eliminates the need to ever change shields. The shield also has a TPU locking mechanism with three settings: lock, ratchet and crack. The ClickRelease Shield Mechanism is one of the easiest we've seen in the business and takes mere seconds to remove or put on a shield. Aerodynamics in the Bell RS 1 Helmet are optimized for the 3/4 or tuck position, meaning that this helmet is going to work in aggressive street riding and long-distance sport-touring scenarios.

Bell RS-1 Shattered Helmet
Internally, Bell has improved their liners from the previous generation, as they are now softer, more comfortable and quicker wicking than before. It utilizes the new Agion antibacterial moisture-wicking fabric and everything internally is completely removable and washable: the cheek pads, the comfort liner, even the chin strap covers. Speaking of chin straps, the double d-ring closure is complemented by Bell's patented MagnaFusion strap keeper, which puts flapping straps to sleep. The Bell RS1 Helmet touts Snell 2010 certification and is track-legal. There is also a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

For this price, we really think it's going to be hard to find a helmet that outperforms the RS-1. After we've actually had a chance to check out everything it has going for it, it's a clear winner across the board.

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