Friday, February 11

Leatt STX Road Neck Brace Coming Soon!

Now this is a product we can seriously get behind. Leatt has been the industry leader in neck protection for the motorsports industry for the last several years since their inception. To date, Leatt has mostly been known for their contributions to the MX world. While they had a street series (the GPX line), it didn't quite permeate the street and sport world the way they expected due to some needed fine-tuning. Arriving in time for the 2011 Indy Dealer Expo, the Leatt STX Road Neck Brace has addressed all of the problems of its predecessor, and represents a big departure in design that provides ergonomics, comfort, and the ability to accommodate back protectors and speed humps (an issue with the previous line).

Check out our Leatt STX Road Neck Brace Review:

Leatt's extensive testing and their industry reputation at this point precedes them. That said, the STX Road addresses some issues seen in the GPX models. The GPX did not feature any accommodation for a speed hump or back protector; the STX widens the thoracic design- rather than having a single thoracic pad, there are now two braces at the back, that'd fit easily outside of a protector or speed hump. They also fold away easily for storage purposes. The front and rear table assemblies have also received a makeover, with a significantly lower profile that allows for uninhibited motion leaning into turns, during head-checks or when getting in and out of the tuck. Also, size adjustments are simple, and don't require any tools whatsoever.

Any additional protective elements for a rider is always exciting to us here at RevZilla, so a brand new street-specific piece from Leatt has us particularly juiced up. Leatt is the only manufacturer with an in-house testing lab where they evaluate impacts on the cervical spine using pendulum, sled and drop testing. Working with advanced software, Leatt is able to test for the highest level of safety. Of course, they also perform certification testing as well. Much more information can be found by visiting the Leatt Testing page. Leaps and bounds ahead of the GPX line, the Leatt STX Road Neck Brace gives a significant boost to rider protection on the street and the track. Stay tuned for a RevZillaTV review when we can get our hands on one of these bad boys.


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