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U-Clear HBC100 Bluetooth Communicator Review

We got our hands on the brand new U-Clear HBC100 Bluetooth Communicator, the industry's first boomless bluetooth communication system, and picked through its features. Beyond the fact that the HBC100 utilizes a technology that eliminates the clunky boom microphone that oftentimes gets annoying in the chin bar area of a helmet, what we found impressive about this unit is how simple it is to install. As you'll see in the video below, the most difficult part of the installation is actually the cheek pad removal of whatever helmet you're installing the unit into. The HBC 100 also uses all of the newest technologies permeating the bluetooth communication industry now, so you're not sacrificing any sound quality or features.

Check out our U-Clear HBC100 Bluetooth Communicator Review:

First and foremost, let's address the microphone in this communicator and how it operates. Proper placement of the speakers is key as the mic is actually built into the speaker. So how does it work to actually pick up the voice and not all the noise associated with riding a motorcycle at speed? Utilizing a patented process, Digital Signal Processing technology, the HBC100 filters out all extraneous noise (wind sound, motorcycle noise) and delivers the highest quality vocal fidelity. This four-stage process was developed for the military and essentially identifies all unwanted sounds being picked up by the mic, eliminates them, and optimizes the user's voice only by the final stage of output. This technology works flawlessly at speeds up to 147mph (or 238km/h).

Beyond the clarity of voice communication, let's take a look at some of the other features and benefits of the UClear HBC100 unit. The speakers sit flush within the helmet and deliver hi-fi stereo sound that will assure clarity of sound even in extremely noisy riding situations. The design of the unit itself is resistant to water, dust, dirt and all other nasty weather elements. It supports voice commands, which allows you to place and receive calls without having to push any buttons. The HBC-100 also operates with up to 10 hours of talk time and 2 weeks worth of standby time. The A2DP technology allows any A2DP-ready unit (mp3 player, GPS system, smartphone) to communicate wirelessly with the unit while the AVRCP technology works in conjunction with A2DP, allowing multiple devices to be operated with a single controller.

A new era of bluetooth communication has arrived, and U-Clear has put the onus on other manufacturers to catch up. If interested in more, please visit our Motorcycle Bluetooth Communications section.


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