Tuesday, February 1

U-Clear HBC 100 Bluetooth Communicator First Look

The UClear HBC 100 Bluetooth Communicator unit ushers in a new era in motorcycle helmet communications: a boom-less bluetooth unit. No more bulky microphones causing discomfort in the chin bar area as the U-Clear HBC100 utilizes a two-in-one system that contains both the hi-fi stereo speakers and embedded microphones. Couple this with UClear's patented DSP technology (Digital Signal Processing) that allows noise from the motorcycle and wind noise to be filtered out so that only the voice is picked up, and you've got a device that will be a game-changer amongst its competitors. This technology can cancel wind / bike noise at speeds up to 137mph allowing flawless communication at speed.

The HBC100 is equipped with hi-fi stereo speakers for the best possible sound quality while also utilizing an automatic volume adjustment for proper sound levels. As has become standard with bluetooth communicators, voice command is enabled for hassle-free placing and receiving of calls. The HBC 100 is a rugged construction, resistant to all weather elements including rain, dust, dirt and snow.

While we've not gotten our hands on one of these yet (stock is coming soon), the prospect of what this communicator will deliver is very enticing to us and I'm sure the entire motorcycling community. As always, when we get one we will deliver a full HD video review.

Stay tuned!


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  1. I just received and installed the speakers. Installation is easy. When connecting the speakers to the UClear device, be sure to put it all the way in. This creates the watertight seal and it also makes a connection for both speakers to play.

    If you don't give it a good push and get the connector in all the way, only the left speaker will play.


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