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AFX FX-39 Dual Sport Helmet Review

AFX FX-39 DS Hi-Viz Helmet
AFX Helmets has just taken a good thing and made it even better. They took their AFX FX-37 Dual Sport helmet, listened to the feedback from their customers and upped the ante with their introduction of the AFX FX-39 DS helmet. Everything on AFX's new dual sport helmet got some kind of revision, change, or upgrade over last years FX-37. The end result is the AFX FX-39 is lighter, more aerodynamic, has better visibility, better ventilation, and is a much sleeker looking design then previous versions. AFX has done all this and kept their helmet at an entry-level price point.

Check out our AFX FX-39 DS Helmet Review:

AFX FX-39 DS Strike Helmet
The new FX-39 is built for the dual sport rider who needs a solid all around helmet without the higher price point, technical features, and bling factor that are found on many of the Shoei or Arai dual sport helmets. The new shell of the FX-39 is designed to have much less of a bubble type look and style to it. It looks sharper and the overall appeal of the new helmet is much more attractive and aggressive in style. AFX also improved the aerodynamics of the new shell to reduce the higher speed wind buffeting and noise that many users complained about on the FX-37. The new helmet has much larger ventilation ports and each intake is open/close whereas the FX-37 was always open. AFX got rid of the convex visor to remove the blurriness around the edges of the FX-37 visor; the visor on the FX-39 allows
AFX FX-39 DS Camo Helmet
clearer visibility. The helmet now can accept a pair of MX goggles to be worn under the visor to add versatility to the helmet for off-road use and the new shell design is shaped to allow the goggle strap to stay in place. The FX-39 tips the scales at 3.5lbs for a large, meaning that this new helmet lost about 0.2 pounds from the old model. The new removable inner liner of the helmet is machine washable to help keep the inside of the helmet fresh and clean.

There are also small details in the helmet that just make you feel like you have a better built helmet. Things such as how the visor feels smoother when opening and closing, the roost deflector feels sturdier and stronger, and the new intermediate oval shape is to help fit a wider variety
AFX FX-39 Dual Sport Helmet
of riders. The DOT & ECE 22.05 certification stickers is always a welcome sight.

What's really incredible about this new lid is the fact that prices start below 130 bucks and you're getting a ton of new features on this helmet. The FX-39, bottom line, offers a ton of bang for the buck. There's a ton of new color schemes and graphics to choose from including a Hi-Viz version and sizes go from XS-XXL.

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