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Dainese Sechura Boots Review

One of our favorite multi-purpose warm weather touring boots for this season is the Dainese Sechura Boot. It's built for touring and also functions extremely well as a commuter boot since it looks so good under a pair of jeans (as you'll see in the video). The only thing that kept it out of our top picks for Touring/Commuting for 2011 is the lack of waterproofing, but ultimately this boot is an awesome choice for warmer weather climates and in Spring-Summer-Fall in the northeast. And of course, it's the classic Dainese style.

Check out our Dainese Sechura Boots Review:

Externally, the Sechura is a premium Italian cowhide construction with D-Stone fabric inserts for exceptional abrasion resistance. D-Stone is a high-tenacity twisted nylon that has some stretch and flex to it for comfort but is extremely resilient against abrasion. Internally, there is ample hard part nylon protection in the ankle area, in addition to a thermoformed heel cup and reinforced toe box. The sole is a Skywalk which is a third-party sole manufacturer that makes extremely technical non-slip yet comfortable soles. All high wear areas are double stitched and the lacing system is covered by a velcro panel that prevents any tangling that could happen when interfacing with the bike.

Inside, a fixed 3D bubble liner is used to ensure utmost comfort in long-distance rides, commutes, and in the heat of the summer. This system permits a layer of air to exist between the foot and the boot via the three-dimensional nature of the material. In turn, a microclimate is created that regulates the temperature inside the boot, effectively keeping the foot cooler in the hot weather and warmer in the cold weather. In this case, it allows a high degree of ventilation to enter the boot and keep you cool and dry. Finally, details like the rubberized shifter panel and inner ankle grip pad and the super-subtle reflective piping round out one of our top touring and commuting boot choices for warm and dry weather.

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