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2011 Motorcycle Boot Guides

As part of our 2011 Motorcycle Gear Guide series, the first round of guides is our Motorcycle Boot series. There are four guides in total that focus exclusively on boots, ranging from sport and short street boots through touring and commuting waterproof choices, and touching on top ADV dualsport and racing boots. We tried to be as comprehensive as possible in these guides, paring down the hundreds of boot choices to a select set of our top picks. We had different criteria in each guide for what qualified as top picks of ours, and you'll see the break down of why we chose the boots we did for each category within each specific video. Key in on what you're looking for, and let us take you through our top selections for each realm of motorcycling.

First up is our Motorcycle Touring and Commuting Boot Guide:

TCX X-Five Plus Gore-Tex Boots
Waterproof, breathable, stylish, and offering great value were at the top of our criteria list for the touring and commuting segment of waterproof boots. Riders that are looking for a long-distance touring boot or something to protect on a ride to work are generally seeking a stylish boot that can be worn under a pair of jeans when the destination is reached or when the work day begins. To that end, each of these boots has a waterproof breathable membrane that is either Gore-Tex or a proprietary technology and every single one of these looks excellent when walking around town or the office. Visit our Waterproof Motorcycle Boots page to see all the choices in this range.

Next up is our Motorcycle Race Boot Guide:

Sidi ST Boots
Starting off our Motorcycle Race Boot Guide is a group of boots that we consider to be mid-range racing boots. Entry-level race boots were left out of the mix for this guide because we simply don't think they offer enough protection or performance when riding at speeds that exceed triple digits. Moving up from there, you get into the range that we consider "hardcore" boots that will be a solid match for the track day enthusiast. The upper echelon of this category is pro-level boots, which offer the highest levels of technicality, protection and performance and are boots worn by pro racers. Visit our Motorcycle Race Boots page to see all selections.

Next, check out our ADV and Dualsport Motorcycle Boot Guide:

Sidi Adventure Rain Boots
These are the most rugged of all the hardcore Adventure and Dualsport boots on the market, designed to get you through all seasons, in every possible weather condition, in both on-road riding and off-road. These are for the GS guy,  the KTM Adventure rider, the KLR650 that yearns to be ripping down the highway and cutting through gnarly single track off-road paths. The boots for this rider have to hold up through all of this, so protection is of the utmost importance. Here you'll see advanced entry systems (such as cam-locks), rugged hard part protection, and stiff soles that will interface with the footpegs standing or sitting. Visit our Adventure Motorcycle Boots page to see all the choices in this range.

Finally, our Sport and Short Boot and Riding Shoe Guide:

Shift Kicker Shoes
The last category of motorcycle boots includes riding shoes and short sport boots. This selection is really for the city rider and the light motorcyclist. Style and protective elements both played a factor in this range, as these will generally be worn under a pair of jeans. All of these boots fits its own niche within the category, ranging from a short waterproof option to a high-top sneaker inspired choice to a super protective chopped-down-in-height version of a race boot. This rounds out our fourth guide and makes a complete series of motorcycle boot guides for 2011. To see all choices in this range, visit our Motorcycle Riding Shoes page.


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