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TCX X-Five Plus Gore-Tex Boots Review

Far and away the most popular boot in the TCX Boots lineup, the TCX X-Five Plus Gore-Tex Boots are extremely popular in the Sport Touring community. For 2011, TCX gave these boots an overhaul, vastly improving the style and streamlining the design. These boots will perform great on the bike in long-distance touring and cruiser situations, but they are sleek enough to look good under a pair of jeans
(as you'll see in the video) when you're walking around town.

Check out our TCX X-Five Plus Gore-Tex Boots Review:

The TCX X-Five Plus Boots are a premium full grain leather upper with a Gore-Tex waterproof breathable membrane. What you're getting is an Italian-styled leather boot that protects you from all forms of precipitation but allows the foot to breathe and perspiration to escape away from the skin. Gore-Tex is the most breathable of air waterproof membranes, and the waterproofing element is guaranteed for life. Internally, the moisture-wicking comfort liner furthers the breathability by pulling perspiration away from the skin and helping it to pass through the Gore membrane. The anti-slip, oil and petroleum resistant rubber sole is high-grip but allows enough flex that you won't be uncomfortable off the bike and walking around.

For protection, the X-Five Plus has a reinforced TPU shin plate to protect against the extremely common injury of breakage of the tibia when it comes in contact with the foot peg in a get-off situation. The X-Five Plus also features anti-impact hard part lateral malleolus protection that will also act as a slider and TPU medial malleolus protection. The toe box is reinforced with hard part protection and the PU high-grip shifter panel is double stitched for durability. Flex bellows at the lower shin and back of calf allow for uncompromised movement on the bike while the padding in the rear of the calf provides extra protection. Finally, the zip and velcro panel closure system is backed by a full-length inner gaiter that maintains the waterproofing of this boot.

The TCX X-Five Plus Gore-Tex Boots have been one of the bestsellers in the past within the sport touring community and this new style design should only continue its success. To see similar boots, visit our Waterproof Motorcycle Boots and our Sport Touring Boots sections at


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