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Sidi Laguna Gore-Tex Boots Review

Italian style from Sidi Boots, touring fitment and sleek design, and the most breathable of all waterproof membranes, Gore-Tex; these are the cornerstones of the brand new for 2011 Sidi Laguna Gore-Tex Boots. The Lagunas provide yet another boot to complement the other Sidi Gore-Tex options, the On Roads and Canyons (and soon to be Adventure Gore-Tex), and in my opinion have the slickest, most streamlined design.

Check out our Sidi Laguna Gore-Tex Boots Review:

The big deal here is that these boots are Gore-Tex. What does that mean? With the Gore-Tex waterproof breathable membrane, you are guaranteed the highest level of breathability of any waterproof membrane. Why? Gore-Tex membranes have 9 billion pores per square inch and every one of these pores are 20,000 times smaller than a droplet of water. This means they keep all water out, but allow moisture vapors from the body to escape through. Gore pioneered this technology and they are still the best in the game at keeping you dry and comfortable at the same time. Gore-Tex also guarantees their waterproofing for the life of the product. As long as these boots are reasonably cared for, if they ever start leaking water, Gore will repair or replace them for free. Gore-Tex sets these boots apart from the pack.

Let's get into the details of how these boots are constructed. The upper construction is a combination of top grain leather and Cordura inserts, which provides a mix of abrasion resistance and comfort. There are multiple elements that offer protection from impact. Plastic hard parts can be found in the heel, ankle, and toe in addition to a padded nylon shin plate. There is a leather shift/brake pad atop the toe box for durability and the boots are double-stitched in high-stress areas. The sole on the Laguna Gore-Tex boots is Sidi's non-slip high-grip touring outsole with a firm nylon inner sole. There is also removable arch support for comfort and reflective paneling above the heels for visibility. The velcro and zipper closure system is backed by a full length gaiter that ensures no water can penetrate the boots.

In the range of 3/4 sport touring motorcycle boots at this price point, you won't find many that offer a higher degree of features and waterproof functionality. Check out our entire range of Waterproof Motorcycle Boots at for more choices. We think these are one of the best in the class.


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