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Shoei VFX-W Helmet Review

The pinnacle of off-road helmet achievement, the Shoei VFX-W represents years of Shoei Helmets R+D and constant innovation. One of the most aggressive appearances we've seen in a shell design, the VFX-W required Shoei to invent new helmet-forming technology in order to maintain even shell thickness due to this helmet's aggressive ridges. Built for the MX pro and serious off-road enthusiast, the Shoei VFX-W Helmet delivers on all fronts from a performance, comfort, and protection standpoint.

Watch our Shoei VFX-W Helmet Review below:

When you get beyond how straight-up mean this helmet looks, you find that it is built with the same attention to detail as Shoei's race and street helmets. The shell is the Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+) construction that is utilized in the RF-1100, X-12 and Qwest helmets. A composition of high performance fibers and organic fibers fuse together to create a strong yet extremely lightweight helmet; this guy weighs in at 3lbs 6oz, easily one of the lightest, if not the lightest dirt helmet on the market. There are four shell sizes and five liner sizes across the size range to ensure optimal fit no matter how big or small your head. In addition, the liner is laser thermomolded to match seamlessly with the shell eliminating any extra bulk.

The liner itself is a 3D Max-Dry system, fully removable and washable, antibacterial and provide two-times the moisture-wicking properties of nylon. Shoei perfects the aerodynamics of the VFX-W by running it through the gamut of wind tunnel testing in addition to utilizing rider feedback in the development phase. Shoei also designed the peak of the helmet to be adjustable so that it can vary depending on the specific riding conditions. The peak utilizes plastic bolts that will break away; simply another safety feature that will keep you protected in the event of a get-off. Another huge safety feature is the emergency cheekpad release system.

A red pull is visible at the bottom of each side of the helmet and is an extremely easy mechanism to to assist an EMT in quickly and safely pulling the helmet off in an emergency scenario. Airflow? Covered. A total of eight intake ports and five exhaust vents creates wicked venturi effect airflow that will have the air flying in the front and being sucked out the back. This maximizes comfort and keeps the rider comfortable in aggressive off-road riding conditions. There's more. The chin vent will flow a ton of air and with that comes a ton of dirt in motocross riding. To combat this, there is a removable and washable mouthpiece.

This "sleek mouthpiece" is anti-clog to keep the air flowing but will stop all dirt from getting into the mouth area. Every VFX-W (except the matte black version) comes with an anti-reflection strip that sticks on underneath the visor and reduces sun glare. The mud guard / mouth piece is ergonomically shaped in accordance with the line of this helmet.

There aren't many motocross helmets that can compete with the Shoei VFX-W. This is the apex choice of the pros and suitable for any aggressive off-road rider ready to step their game up.


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