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TCX Boots 2011 Overview

Making their triumphant return back to the United States after a brief hiatus, TCX Boots are a brand that we're extremely excited to have back in stock at RevZilla. We had the opportunity last week to take a look at the entire lineup of basic commuting, sport and ADV touring, and mid to pro level race boots last week and we're extremely impressed with what we're seeing from TCX. From the basic functionality of the TCX X-Square Boots all the way through the pro-level racing application of the TCX S-Race Boots, their lineup has something for every rider out there.

Check out our TCX Boots 2011 Overview and Guide:

Starting at the most basic boots in the lineup, you've got the TCX X-Square Boots, designed for basic commuting and light motorcycling. Moving up the food chain, the TCX X-Cube Boots beef up the protective elements and feature a waterproof breathable membrane for more versatility in varied riding scenarios. The last boot in sport riding lineup before you get into Gore-Tex boots are the TCX X-Action Waterproof Boots, fully waterproof and breathable with a higher cut and more of a sport touring functionality than the previous two. Also fitting into this group are the TCX Jupiter 2 XCR Boots, a new version of an extremely popular TCX boot that features the highly breathable Gore XCR membrane which is completely waterproof. These are a great commuting and light riding boot.

TCX X-Five Plus Gore-Tex Boots
The TCX Ladies Aura Boots are a womens specific sport touring boot, with a narrower toebox and heel in addition to a higher arch that feature a waterproof breathable membrane. Gore-Tex functionality sets apart the TCX X-Five Plus Gore-Tex Boots, by far the bestselling TCX boot worldwide, if only based on their extraordinary style, slick design, and all-season all-weather protective performance. If mild to hot weather riding is more your style, the TCX Air Tech XCR Boots will breathe extremely well with the combination of the breathable XCR membrane and ventilated AirTech material. However, all precipitation will be blocked before it enters the boot. For the ADV touring market, the TCX Infinity GTX Boots are an extremely rugged dualsport boot with a Gore-Tex membrane, a highly
technical sole, and a cam lock buckle closure system.

TCX S-Race Boots
If you're a racer, there is a TCX boot for you too. At the entry level, it's going to be hard to find a boot on the market that can come anywhere close to the TCX S-Zero Boots and their level of functionality. Also available as the TCX S-Zero Waterproof Boots, these boots are loaded with hard part protection that will keep you safe on the track, but also are comfortable enough for serious sport touring. Stepping into the pro-level, the TCX S-Race Boots have extremely levels of protection, using the Torsion Control System at the ankle, Metatarsal Control System to protect the toes, and PU hard parts throughout, including an alloy toe slider mounted on a hard PU backing. These boots are the choice for the serious trackday rider or racer out there.

As you can see, there really is a TCX Boot for every application. Stay tuned for our detailed blog breakdown of every one of these boots. Also, be sure not to miss the in-depth video review for each of these boots on their individual product pages over at!


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