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Dainese Air Flux Textile Jacket Review

Certain to be a big hit among the sport riding and metric crowd this upcoming season, the Dainese Air Flux Jacket complements the Dainese Shotgun Jacket for warm and hot weather riding in the Dainese lineup. The Air-Flux is replete with Boomerang mesh, a high tensile strength mesh fabric for extreme levels of air flow during aggressive hot weather rides.

Check out our Dainese Air Flux Jacket Review:

While the Air Flux is going to flow a ton of air with its high percentage of mesh construction, there is no sacrifice to your safety when riding. In impact areas, Dainese uses a combination of abrasion-resistant XY Stum fabric and extremely high tensile strength D-Stone fabric. In the elbows and forearms, you'll find removable CE rated armor, hard part protectors backed by shock absorbing foam. The back of the jacket features pockets to accommodate the various CE rated back protectors in the Dainese lineup, in the event that you wanted to bulk up the protective elements. With all of this in mind, you can feel ensured that you'll be protected in the event of an unfortunate get-off scenario.

Overall, this jacket is built for comfort and ergonomics in the hot weather. With multiple zones of adjustability, at the waist, wrist and collar, you can ensure proper fit and comfort on long summer rides. There are four external pockets on this jacket in addition to a large exhaust vent at the top of the back for even more airflow.

A great choice for the summer sport and street rider, the Dainese Air-Flux Textile Jacket is sure to be a home run for Spring and Summer 2011. To compare jackets like this one, visit our Summer Motorcycle Gear, Textile Motorcycle Jackets and Dainese Textile Jackets sections at


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