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Dainese 2011 Sport Glove Overview

In this video, we take a high-level look at the lineup of sport riding gloves in 2011 from Dainese. Bear in mind that we have detailed reviews of each of one of these gloves available on, but this video will give an idea of the features and functionality that you'll get out of these gloves, from short cuff hot weather street gloves, all the way up through the glove that Valentino Rossi wears on the track, the Dainese Full Metal Pro Glove.

Check out our Dainese 2011 Sport Glove Overview:

Dainese 4 Stroke Gloves
Starting with the Dainese 2 Stroke Gloves, you've got a short cuff, stylish and protective glove built for summertime street riding and touring. Ergonomics and comfort are the focus with this glove, with pre-curved fingers and tons of mesh to keep the air flowing in the hot weather. The knuckles feature carbon fiber and foam protection, and there are leather reinforcements on the palm for safety. Moving up, the Dainese Gasket Gloves are slightly more technical with TPU hard part knuckle protection, a cowhide backhand and goatskin palm construction. Microelasticated panels and pre-curved fingers provide ease of movement and ergonomics, while the perforation between the fingers and at the palm create airflow. The Dainese 4 Stroke Gloves are the godfather of this short cuff bunch, replete with a TPU hard part that sits atop a stainless steel plate across the main knuckles and backhand. TPU protects each of the fingers and the sides of the pinky features the Distortion Control system. These gloves also feature a goatskin palm with TPU sliders at the palm of the hand and the outer cuff to assist in a slide situation. The 4 Strokes are the most technical of the short cuff gloves from Dainese.

Dainese Full Metal Pro Gloves
Moving on to the gauntlets. Designed with the entry level track rider in mind, the Dainese Carbon Cover Gloves have the right amount of protection for the casual track day rider. A full cowhide construction, the Carbon Covers have carbon fiber knuckle protection. Moving up, the Dainese Pro Carbon Gloves are also a full cowhide construction, but feature a combination stainless steel and carbon fiber knuckle protector in addition to TPU sliders on the outside of the pinky. They are a slightly more technical option. The Dainese Steel Core Carbon Gloves start to get into the seriously protective gauntlets. The backhand and main knuckle is protected by a carbon fiber hard part set into a stainless steel plate. The finger knuckles feature TPU hard parts and the little finger has a TPU slider (and Distortion Control) with sliders at the ulna bone and at the palm. A full cowhide leather construction, the Steel Cores also use Kevlar Jersey fiber in the stitching for added protection. Finally, the granddaddy of them all, the Dainese Full Metal Pro Gloves are designed with the pro racer in mind. Worn by Valentino Rossi, the Full Metal Pros use extremely high-end materials like titanium, carbon fiber, Kevlar yarn, and more. Almost too many details to list here, be sure to check out our Dainese Full Metal Pro Gloves Review if this is the level of protection you're seeking.

Check out our Dainese Full Metal Pro Glove Review:

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