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REV'IT! Tarmac Gloves Review

Coming in as the replacement to the REV'IT! GT Corse Gloves and thereby becoming second in command in the REV'IT! line of race gloves, the brand new for Spring 2011 REV'IT! Tarmac Gloves offer big upgrades in protection and performance over their predecessors. Built for the most aggressive of track riding and racing conditions, the Tarmac Gloves can be paired up with the REV'IT! Tarmac Race Suit for one of the fastest (and slickest-looking) outfits on the race track.

Check out our REV'IT! Tarmac Gloves Review:

The big upgrade that the Tarmacs tout over the GT Corse is the addition of a dual compound slider to the outside of the palm. This is a feature of the pro-level REV'IT! Jerez Gloves and a much needed addition here. The dual comp slider is an aluminum plate that is set in a honeycomb packing and serves two purposes: the aluminum plate allows for abrasion resistance and assists in a slide, while the honeycomb absorbs all energy and offers excellent impact resistance. Beyond that, you're looking at a premium cowhide and goatskin construction with a tri-fleece liner. The backhand has a dual comp protector (another upgrade over the GT Corse), which is the aluminum knuckle protection set in a honeycomb baseplate that protects the
knuckles and back of the hand. The fingers are protected by TPU hard shell armor while the pinky has a TPU hard shell protector along the outside to work in conjunction with the dual comp slider to protect the outside of the hand. This is all double leather reinforced for abrasion resistance. There is also elasticated stretch at the fingers and backhand to allow for motion and keep the armor moving with the hand. Moving to the palm, you have double layer leather for abrasion resistance with foam padding at the heel of the hand for vibration dampening. A Schoeller Keprotec panel that extends from the top of the palm through the inner thumb provides wear resistance in the high-use control areas. The elasticated wrist has a velcro adjuster for the
snuggest and safest fit, and this adjuster is protected by a leather flap. The REV'IT! Tarmac Gloves have a double cuff closure system, the safest way for a race glove to close. PWR G├╝termann yarn is used in every seam, an extremely high tensile strength thread that prevents any tearing. Finally, strategic perforation and punctuation keeps the air flowing and your hands cool and dry on the track.

Trumped only by the Jerez in the REV'IT! line of race gloves, the Tarmac should prove to be a big hit this season as folks pair it up with the brand new Tarmac Suit and the REV'IT! Tarmac Leather Jacket.

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