Wednesday, March 9

Schuberth C3 Hi-Viz Helmet Review

How do you take one of the safest and most proven helmets on the market and improve on it? Schuberth's answer was to dip it in some Hi-Viz paint. Enter the Schuberth C3 Hi-Viz Helmet.

The C3 helmet is already one of the best modular helmets that you can strap on your head in terms of comfort, weight, quiet, and safety. The Hi-Viz paint scheme is a big step toward making safe safer by utilizing one of the most visible colors to the human eye. Schuberth Helmets have once again hit it out of the park.

Check out our Schuberth C3 Hi-Viz Helmet Review:

There is no difference between the C3 Hi-Viz and the C3 other than a color scheme and long range visibility. The C3 Hi-Viz Helmets are arriving now and most sizes will begin fully shipping later in March. So far the response and feedback from the riding community has been great for the new Schuberth C3 Helmet.

-Fassst Freddie

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