Thursday, March 10

Schuberth C3W Helmet Review

The Schuberth C3W Helmet is the womens version of the bestselling modular helmet on the market. While it touts all the core features and functionality that have quickly ascended the Schuberth C3 Helmet up the ranks of the modular world (quiet, lightweight, stable, protective), the C3W integrates some crucial modifications that truly make this the first-class women's helmet on the market. In the video below we detail all the changes that were made to this helmet and after the video a few more words on the modifications that make the C3W so extraordinary.

In order to fully understand the changes that needed to be made to the C3 in order to make it as ergonomic and comfortable for a woman as possible, the team at Schuberth Helmets linked up with a famous cosmetic company. This company, whose name is forbidden from being mentioned, conducted a womens' head and facial shape study all across the world that lasted multiple years. Schuberth worked with them to get all the data and analyze the findings in order to make the C3W the best it could possibly be. To that end, the EPS liner was completely reshaped in addition to the comfort liner. Women's faces are natively narrower than men's overall; to that end, the profile of the EPS and cheek pads reflects this by increasing at the 
jaw bone to cradle the face. Schuberth also added a slight bump to the EPS in the back of the helmet to accommodate a woman's ponytail.

The liner materials are also completely different than the fabrics used in the C3. Knowing that women sometimes wear makeup when they're riding their motorcycles, the liner materials are a special microfiber fabric that is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and moisture-wicking. The antimicrobial and hypoallergenic parts are key here, as the liner can thereby be easily cleaned of any makeup but also is prevented from developing any bacteria that might come from the amalgamation of makeup with sweat over the course 
of long rides.

We've been impressed with Schuberth Helmets since day one and now that the C3W and Schuberth C3 Hi-Viz Helmet have finally arrived, it's clear that they're putting a stake in the ground and redefining how other modular helmets will be judged.



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