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Dainese Thorax Wave Pro Review

The Dainese Thorax Wave Pro Jacket is an excellent upgraded safety choice for the protection-conscious rider. Combining the same CE level 2 protection favored by Valentino Rossi in MotoGP with a CE level 2 chest protector and ample rib padding, the Thorax Wave Pro is versatile in that it appeals to racers and adventurers alike. Rock this under your leathers on the track or under your multi-season ADV outfit and you're significantly minimizing your chance of injury in a get-off scenario. This is one of our top protection picks for Spring 2011.

Check out our Dainese Thorax Wave Pro Review:

First and foremost, let's get into sizing for the Thorax Wave Pro. There are only three available sizes, SM, MD and LG, and these refer to the sizing of the chest protector. The back protector is Dainese size 12 which is roughly the height of the average man's torso. When you're sizing for this safety jacket, what you'll really want to measure is your chest as that will determine the size that you should purchase. The double adjustable waist straps offer a huge range of versatility and will be suitable for the guy who is in great shape but also for the guy with a little extra in the belly. The Thorax also offers the adaptability of being worn without the chest armor if you just want to go with a back protector that day. Let's move in to the protective elements.

The back protection of the Thorax Wave Pro is the Dainese Paraschiena Wave with Scapula Protection. The Wave is built of a polypropylene and aluminum honeycomb frame that upon serious impact will crumple and intelligently absorb and distribute all energy, minimizing potential damage to your back. The dual scapula protectors operate the same way with their aluminum honeycomb frame, crumpling upon impact and protecting your shoulder blades. The back armor is also on jointed plates for comfort and ergonomics, allowing it to move with your body when your maneuvering on the bike. The entirety of this armor is lined with double jersey airgap material for moisture-wicking and comfort properties. Also, there are cross-drilled holes
throughout the Thorax jacket for airflow.

At the lateral ribs, you find an Astronmemory and extruded polypropylene sandwich for impact protection and shock absorption. Astronmemory is a memory foam designed to be comfortable but also absorb energy in an impact to minimize transfer to the ribs. The Dainese Thorax Pro Chest Protector found at the chest is CE level 2 rated armor that is a polypropylene construction with variable densities depending on the amount of protection necessary in given areas. This translates to a high degree of both comfort and protection. The plate itself is perforated and will ventilate air to the chest to keep you comfortable in active riding scenarios. Again, double jersey airgap and polyester mesh liner for comfort.

The full chest and back CE level 2 armor package from Dainese, the Thorax Wave Pro is not only highly protective, but there is also serious emphasis put on comfort, ergonomics, breathability, and the lightweight nature of this protective piece. However, keep in mind that while this jacket can work for most people in terms of sizing, it's not going to work for everyone. If you know you've got an exceptionally long or short torso, it is a better idea to pick up the back protector and chest protector as separate pieces to ensure proper fit.

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