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Kali Naza Helmet Review

Coming very soon to is the newest offering from Kali Protectives. Previously known for only their dirt helmets, Kali is busting in to the street world with the groundbreaking new Kali Naza Helmet. Available in solids, graphics, and carbon fiber versions, the Naza is an extremely protective and lightweight motorcycle helmet that is going to go head-to-head with a lot of mid-range helmets. Using technological advancements such as their innovative Composite Fusion Plus EPS liner technology, the Naza is inventing new and improved ways of energy management in the event of a crash scenario. More on the Composite Fusion after the video.

Check out our Kali Naza Helmet Review:

Kali Naza Carbon Monuments Helmet
Let's dive right in to how the Composite Fusion technology actually works. In any crash scenario, the entire reason you're wearing a helmet is to manage the energy from impact and minimize the energy that is passed to the head. With traditional helmets, the shell is created and the EPS liner (the hard inner foam that actually absorbs the impact) is glued on to the shell. This is problematic because often times there will be gaps between the shell and the EPS. These gaps, even if ever so small, cause a two-stage impact, meaning there will be a split second while the energy transfers from the shell to the EPS, due to the air space between the two. The duration of the shock is lengthened, and the effects can be far more severe.

Enter Composite Fusion. Kali forms their EPS within the shell, meaning that it is not a two-stage process. The EPS is injection-molded and bonded to the shell, eliminating the need to glue or tape the EPS, and it forms almost a molecular-level bond with the shell. In doing so, in an impact situation, the energy is directly transferred from shell to EPS, allowing it to be managed faster and dissipate more smoothly and less dangerously. Also, by using two densities of foam, with a softer density closer to the head, the outer more dense EPS can take the blow from the impact while the softer foam resting closer to the head allows for much softer transfer of energy, minimizing the potential for serious head injury.

Kali Naza Carbon Liberty Helmet
Composite Fusion Plus is the next level of innovation from Kali, and is found in the Naza helmets. Using the same dual density EPS construction, the softer layer features pyramids of foam that are bonded to a harder density of foam that bonds to the shell. These pyramids, in an impact scenario, manage the energy by collapsing and spreading the energy laterally across the EPS, rather than linearly down to the head which would be a much more serious blow. Finally, Kali exclusively uses Contego EPS foam which is a virgin and pure EPS with no recycled parts and thereby no chance of imperfections that could be a weak point in a crash situation. Kali is serious about safety.

Beyond this groundbreaking technological advancements, you'll find many of the features that are native to street helmets. The Carbon version features a lightweight and resilient Carbon, Kevlar and Fiberglass tri-weave shell, and weighs in at a stunning 3.1lbs for a size Medium. The regular version is a lightweight Fiberglass shell. You've got open/close chin and chimney intakes with four passive venturi exhausts for airflow. The anti-scratch and anti-fog face shield features a quick release system for easy changes to a tinted shield when the sun is blazing. Inside the helmet is a removable and washable, moisture-wicking and antibacterial cheekpad and comfort liner system. The helmet also comes with two sets of cheek pads, one with a higher density if you're seeking a race fit.

A deluxe travel bag comes with the helmet, and it includes a five-year limited warranty. By meeting DOT and ECE 22.05 standards, this helmet is absolutely ready for track days if you want to take it beyond the aggressive street riding segment. We foresee Kali making a big splash in the market in 2011. There is great value in the new Naza helmet, particularly the carbon version which is the only carbon at below the $400 price point.


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