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Icon Overlord Textile Overpant Review

In the street motorcycle scene it's way too common to see a rider with an Icon helmet, an aggressive sport textile jacket from Icon, some short cuff gloves, a pair of Sidi boots, and some Levi jeans. Icon wants to tackle this problem and give their riders an even higher degree of protection. Enter the Icon Overlord Textile Overpants, the newest overpant in Icon's line-up. Whats the great thing about the new Icon Overlord Textile Overpant? The 115 dollar price tag.

Check out our Icon Overlord Textile Overpant review:

The Icon Overlord pants are great pants for the rider that wants a simple yet versatile overpant in their gear closet. The entire pant is constructed of a durable nylon fabric that won't rip apart as soon as you hit the asphalt like your favorite pair of jeans. The knees and hips both have CE rated armor which is removable in case you wanted to upgrade the padding. These pant are cut and built exactly like the Icon Hooligan 2 overpant but the Hooligan 2s are made of a more breathable fighter mesh material to flow more air. This means you're looking at a 3 season pant to stretch from Spring through Fall. There's no thermal liner and very little ventilation so January will be pretty cold for riding with the Overlords and July may be a little toasty.

There are stretch panels in the knees and the yoke of the pants to improve motion, mobility and overall comfort. A ratchet-style strap on the front and Velcro straps on the waist customizes the fit of the pants, giving a snug fit and preventing them from sagging. At the bottom of the pants there's a snap and a 6 inch zipper to make it easier to get in and out of the pants. Sizing is generous to accommodate any type of pants underneath and long enough so they won't get pulled up when sitting on the bike. 

All and all you're getting a solid pair of overpants for 115. They are available in three sizes from a very small 28 to a
more robust 44. Icon offers these in a stealthy black, a white, and a slate color scheme.

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