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Dainese Newsan New Leather Jacket Review

One of the premier leather jacket options in the Dainese sport lineup is the Dainese Newsan New Leather Jacket. Previously simply the Newsan which went away in 2009, the Newsan New draws inspiration from classic racing leather jackets but adds technological innovations that not only enhance performance but also give it an updated visual appeal. Dainese has absolutely been one of, if not the sole, leaders in the the technical motorcycle apparel realm for decades, and the Newsan New continues this tradition and their exceptional attention to detail and quality in each of their releases.

Check out our Dainese Newsan New Leather Jacket Review:

Getting right into the features of this leather jacket, the shell utilizes Dainese's D-Skin leather. D-Skin uses Dainese's proprietary tanning process of cowhide, and results in values of 60% greater tensile strength (tear resistance) and 80% greater abrasion resistance than traditional untreated cowhide leather. They then apply a special silicone and wax treatment that gives the D-Skin a soft and supple finish. S1 stretch paneling can be found running along the inner arms and at the backs of the shoulders which aids not only in uninhibited mobility but also helps flow air into the Newsan New. Accordion stretch leather panels above the backs of the elbows ensure comfort and flexibility when getting into the aggressive riding position.

At the elbows, non-removable CE rated armor protects the elbow and extends to the forearm for a solid amount of coverage. There is a pocket at the back for a Dainese Wave G Back Protector if you want to boost the back protection to the CE level. At the shoulders, co-injected CE rated armor can be found with aluminum sliders on top. Speaking to the futuristic vibe of this jacket, these sliders receive a special paint coating to match with the color of the jacket (there are multiple color options of the Dainese Newsan New Non-Perforated Leather Jacket). We like to call these the "ipod versions" of the Newsan. You can be confident that you're covered on the safety side of things. You'll find adjustability at the waist and collar for a customized fit.

Internally, one of our favorite features of the Newsan New is the 3D bubble liner. A relatively recent innovation, 3D bubble liners create microclimates within the jacket by morning a gap of air between the jacket and the skin. These tiny air pockets are able to regulate the temperature within the jacket, keeping you cooler when it's hot, and warmer when it's cold. We've heard ride reports from both RevZilla employees and our riding community of riding the Newsan in 90+ degree (F) weather with absolutely no problem thanks to the bubble liner. This is a big concern to riders in the Northeast and warmer climates in general.

The Newsan New is simply another standout from Dainese. Check out their full collection by visiting our Dainese Leather Jackets page.


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