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Dainese New Delmar Leather Jacket Review

One of the first video reviews we ever shot was of the Dainese New Delmar Leather Jacket. It was about a year and a half ago: the lighting, sound, and visuals were all of sub-par quality but we wanted to get the word out about one of our favorite jackets in the Dainese lineup. In spite of the terrible quality, the video has been a hit amongst the TeamZilla community so we decided to reshoot it with our new high-quality set-up. The Dainese New Delmar Perforated Leather Jacket is the premier racing jacket in the their lineup, loaded with high-end safety and performance features and a ton of creature comforts as well.

Without further ado, our Dainese New Delmar Leather Jacket Review:

Designed with the serious racer and trackday devotee in mind, the New Delmar has it all. Built from D-Skin leather, the Delmar bundles safety with comfort in the shell construction. D-Skin Leather is Dainese's proprietary leather tanning process, and scores off the charts in safety compared to regular cowhide: 60% greater tensile strength (essentially tear resistance) and 80% greater abrasion resistance. The advanced wax and silicon treatment given to the D-Skin also makes it extremely soft and supple. Inserts in S1 stretch fabric can be found at the inner arms for unrestricted movement and also airflow, while the bi-elasticated stretch leather at the backs of the elbows and at the shoulders allows comfort in the tuck position.

For protection from impact, Dainese's proprietary CE rated composite protectors can be found in the shoulder and the elbow/forearm, with a pocket at the back for a G-type back protector from Dainese. In addition, co-injected titanium shoulder sliders protect from abrasion in the event of a get-off-and-slide scenario. The aerodynamic speed hump provides another level of protection in a back slide situation, while the Neck 5 system provides support for the neck. Add all of this together, upgrade to a CE rated back protector, and you're looking at a jacket that offers the maximum amount of protection for spirited street riding, and the most demanding track days.

Let's talk airflow and comfort. The perforated version of this jacket obviously will flow more air with its strategic perf scheme, but both jackets feature zip-open air intakes at the chest and side of torso for added ventilation. The big deal here is the 3D bubble mesh liner, which is a three-dimensional mesh fabric that creates tiny pockets of air between the skin and the jacket. In turn, a microclimate is created which maintains the body's optimal temperature; in the heat, it'll keep you cooler, and in the cold it'll keep you warmer. The liner is also sanitized to keep the funk out. Adjustability at the waist and collar allow you to customize this fit of this jacket so it is perfectly snug on the track.

Zip this jacket to a pair of track leathers via the 360ยบ connector and you're ready for the track. One of Dainese's most technical garments, the New Delmar is for the serious racer or enthusiast. To see other choices, visit our Dainese Leather Jackets and Leather Motorcycle Jackets sections.


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