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Icon Pursuit Gloves Review

Icon gloves are some of the most popular items we sell at RevZilla. Everyday we're shipping tons of these gloves to our customers and it's for a good reason. Icon Motorcycle Gear has always been popular with our aggressive street based riding crowd looking for good protection and reasonable prices. The Icon Pursuit Glove follows right in these footsteps and is built for the serious street rider. There's an Icon Pursuit Perforated Glove, a non-perf version, and an Icon Women's Pursuit Glove. The Pursuit has a ton of protection for a short cuff motorcycle glove and it's the most affordable full grain leather glove Icon offers; the Pursuit has a MSRP set at 55 bucks.

Check out our Icon Pursuit Glove review:

What makes the Pursuit stand out is the amount of protection you're going to get out of this glove versus other gloves in the 50 dollar price point. The main construction of the glove's exterior is premium goatskin leather. Goatskin is some of the best leather for glove manufacturers to use because of how light, supple, and durable it is. This glove is also very light and as soon as you slide your hand into it you're going to feel a huge hard knuckle protector sitting right on the front portion of your hand. This is a hard plastic piece that feels strong enough to protect your knuckles in the event of a moderate impact or slide. This is hidden underneath the gloves leather construction giving the glove a much more stealthy style than a glove with an exposed knuckle protector. The palms of the glove are reinforced with an extra piece of goatskin leather for more protection against abrasion and for extra grip on the controls of your machine. Each finger also gets its own hard protector in the mid-digit for added protection. The only let down with this glove is the lack of any kind of protection on the outside of the pinky to the outside of the wrist as well as the thumb area. These tend to be places of vulnerability in the event of a low side crash and slide but you would have to look at gloves in the 90 dollar price point before you start to get that kind of protection.

There are three different versions of this glove available: perforated, non-perforated, and a women's version. The perforated version feels like it'll be a great summer weight glove for when the temperature climbs above the 75 degree mark but you'd have to be one tough rider to be able to wear these when temperatures are in the 40's. The non-perforated version feels like the exact opposite and would stretch from about the 40's-60's temperature range. The women's version is also available in perforated and non-perforated and is design specifically for a woman's hand.

The Icon Pursuit is definitely going to be a popular glove of kit at RevZilla this season. They're available in 6 different perf colors, 4 different womens' colors, and a stealth non-perf. Sizes go from a mens S to XXXL and womens sizes go from S to XL.

Check out our full line of Motorcycle Riding Gloves at RevZilla.

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