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Dainese Huge Air Gloves Review

The Dainese Huge Air Glove is a short cuff summer riding glove. This is your mid-range to higher end mesh riding glove that is intended to fill the sport riding sector of the Dainese glove market for riders seeking lightweight  hot weather riding gloves. At 69 dollars you're looking at a glove that's placed right in the middle of the summer motorcycle glove segment.

Check out our Dainese Huge Air Gloves Review:

The air flow on this glove is supposed to be the key feature of this glove. When wearing this glove you'll notice that about 80 percent of the surface area of this glove is mesh or vented textile fabrics. The back of the fingers all the way to the back of the knuckles is a ventilated mesh along the back of the hand. The cuff of the glove has a few ventilated panels and the palm of the glove is a Clarino construction with some silicone grip panels. There's also a really cool elasticated stretch panel right at the bend of the fingers to prevent the glove from bunching up and providing very free movement. The Huge Air Gloves are very lightweight and breathable and ideal for hot climates. This may not be the best glove for when the rain starts to pour down or when temperatures go below the 50 degree mark but this is the glove you want to have when the temperature begins to approach and pass the triple digit mark and airflow is truly needed.

As far as protection goes, there is a very light TPR insert above the knuckle. All in all this glove is also very stylish and fashionable. My personal favorite color scheme is the white and black with the orange to highlight the wrist and finger bends. There's also a Black-White-Lava red color scheme, a white-black-silver color scheme, and a very stealthy black on black. Sizes go from a very petite xxs to a xxl. This truly is Dainese's take on the hot weather short cuff glove, meaning high performance coupled with excellent style.

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